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NEW! 2015 Bishonenworks Calendar

the 2015 Calendar with 12 months of bishonen goodness.

There's some Bloodraven and Yhalen, A little Illya from Dynasty of Ghosts, Aya and Yoji, a Bit of Smallville, some Kenshin and more pretty boys to look at each moth of the new year.

This year I'm doing a direct order thing, so I'm sending you direct to to place your calendar orders.

Here's the addy to get yours.

Remember, don't place your calendar order here. Go to to directly order from the printer.

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Price - $ 0.00
Fandoms  | And More | Original | Weiss Kreuz | Rurouni Kenshin | Smallville | Dynasty of Ghosts | Bloodraven

NEW! 2011 BishonenWorks Calendar

The 2011 Bishonenworks Calendar. 12 months of hot bishonen.

If you're ordering a calendar only and wish expedited shipping you can order direct from Lulu and get it sooner.

Price - $ 20.00

NEW! 2010 BishonenWorks Calendar

12 months of beautiful bishonen. Weiss, Saiyuki, Clex, Supernatural, Final Fantasy 7 and more!

Even if though the year's half over, you still get 12 really nice prints at a great price.

Super special price slash!! While supplies last.

Price - $ 6.99

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