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Battling Bishonen Card Game - Main Deck

Finally, an Adult only, Yaoi card game.

Find out which bishonen is going to be on top and who's going to bottom out by drawing a series of attribute cards that either add to take away from your Seme rating.

Who looks the best in Drag. Who has the most impressive cock. Who's the most romantic . . . find out this and more in this fun, funny game featuring all your favorite bishonen hotties.

This deck contains 50 cards. 20 Bishonen cards and 30 attribute cards.
if your favorite bishonen isn't in this deck, then he's probably in one of the smaller booster decks that are available.

Each card is hand made and lamanated for durability and to protect it from any messy - - uh - - liquids that might get splattered upon it.

This is an ADULT only game.

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Price - $ 29.99
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