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Handpainted P.L. Nunn jacket

Do you want to wear a beautiful bishonen on your back?

I made this jacket back in 1990 when I was in my metal/glam rock phase.

The painting on the back is of the droolworthy, Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme and done in oils and alkids and stitched onto the back of the jacket. There are about 16 patches sown onto it.

It is Med. in size and definately one of a kind. I did a simuliar one of Sebastion Bach for my best friend and if she can find the jacket, I'll offer that one up for sale as well.

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Price - $ 75.00

Long Sleeve White T-shirt

I got a great deal on these high quality long sleeved, women's t-shirts and am passing it along.

Want something unique and cool for an upcoming convention to show off your favorite bishonen or your love for Yaoi?

Choose any picture you want from the galleries, or if theres a illustration that's not up, but you remember and really liked, let me know and I can put it on a shrit for you.

I will customize your shirt with a quote of your choosing if you like. Just make sure to keep it reletively brief.

There are a very few of the oldest of the old pictures in the galleries that just weren't saved in large enough format to print out nicely. I'll let you know if you've chosen a picture that won't do you justice.

These are limited in quanity, so make sure i still have your size before sending payment. They do tend to run large, so there is some leeway.

Sizes: sm. med.

I just sold out of Lg and XL sizes. But these do run large.

Price - $ 18.00

T-Shirt : single sided

Create your own T-shirt using any of my BishonenWorks images.

Simply specify the number of the image you'd like in the special instructions box after you've finished placing your order, as well as the size shirt you need.

Also, let me know if you'd like a short caption with it. For example, '1 x 2 forever', 'Yaoilicious', 'I like my boys in drag' or any other short caption that you'd like under your shirt, if any at all.

Sizes: Med, Lg, X-Lg

2X and larger shirts will be an extra charge. Contact me for price.

Keep in mind that sometimes pictures with a great deal of dark colors sometimes have a 'gray' appearance when iron-on'ed.

Price - $ 18.95

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