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NEW! Shifting The Balance epub

Rurouni Kenshin zine in epub format for Nooks and other epub readers

377 pages

M/f, M/M. Hints of non-con, character abuse, violence and language.

If you are only ordering epub or PDF files, please disregard the postage the cart automatically tacks on.

Sample pages 1 | 

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Rurouni Kenshin

NEW! Shifting The Balance Print Edition

The print edition of my Rurouni Kenshin Zine 'Shifting The Balance'

377 pages

Paperback. Zine format sizing.

M/f. M/M, non-consensual situations, character abuse, violence.

After his wife and child are taken by a devious Englishman, Kenshin sets out to take them back. He underestimates, though, the cruelty of his adversary, and finds himself in dire peril, until fate places Sano, newly returned to Japan in his path.

Sample pages 1 | 

Price - $ 14.99
Fandoms  | Rurouni Kenshin

NEW! Ronin Collection Zine 3 PDF

Book 3 of the Ronin Warrior Collection.

Includes The Island and Season of Dragons.

Rowan, Sai and Kento decide to take a much needed vacation after the last few grueling months and go to a tropical island resort. Only something very old has been uncovered on the Island, something that opens an ancient portal to a world whose inhabitants who see weak humans as nothing more than slaves and cattle.
When Rowan and company go missing, Ryo and Seiji have to set aside their differences and track them down.

Pages 275

Adult content. M/M. Non-con.

This book is in PDF format only for the time being.

Please disregard shipping costs if you're only ordering PDF files.

Sample pages 1 | 

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Ronin Warriors

NEW! Ronin Collection Zine 2 PDF

Book 2 of my Ronin Warrior fiction collection.

This book features Walking with the Dead.

The soul of the long dead Egyptian queen Seiji picked up in hell, surges back, desperate to reclaim her former life and power, and not hesitating to subsume Seiji and destroy his friends in the process.

246 pages

This book is in PDF format only for the time being.

Please disregard shipping costs if you're only ordering PDF files.

Sample pages 1 | 

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Ronin Warriors

NEW! Ronin Collection Zine 1 PDF

First of three zines featuring my Ronin Warrior fiction. Some rewrites and lots of edits, as well as the first of my Ronin Doujinshi's, (some of my first doujinshi work ever) available only here.

280 plus pages.

Book 1 includes: Ice Storm, Flip of the Coin, Echoes of Guilt, The road to Hell and A Wolf in any other Clothing.

Doujinshi: Sai Love.

So far, this is available in PDF format only.

Anyone ordering PDF files only, can ignore the shipping costs that are automatically tacked on.

Sample pages 1 | 

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Ronin Warriors

NEW! Obsessions: Clex zine 5-PDF Version

A downloadable PDF Version of the Clex Novel \'Obsessions\'

Full 489 plus pages.

This is a PDF version I converted myself, so its not perfect. Its got funky page breaks on my Nook, but it doesn\'t detract from readability.

I use a large file transfer service to send you the file.

Adult content. Graphic non-con, sex and male/male.

Unless you're ordering some other product from the shop, please disregard the shipping fee that's automatically tacked on to the order.

Please DO NOT post any portions of this on the web.

Price - $ 8.99
Fandoms  | Smallville

NEW! Obsessions: Clex zine 5

Title: Obsessions
Fandom: Smallville
Page count: 489
Perfect bound 5.5 x 8.5 Zine format with color front and back covers.

Lex has been in Smallville a little over a year and his secret obsession with 16-year-old Clark Kent is about to take a turn to the bizarre with the disastrous acquisition of a school ring laced with red meteorite. He finds out he's not the only one who's been harboring subconscious desires, and discovers in the process some of the other secrets Clark's been hoarding.

And if he didn't have enough to deal with, he's being stalked. Only this time it's not a meteor mutant, but a psychotic ex-bodyguard who developed a dangerous obsession during his years on Lionel Luthor's payroll.

Trying to find solid ground with Clark suddenly becomes a non-issue when he finds himself in the hands of a madman.

WARNINGS: Heavy NON-CONSENUAL SEXUAL SITUATIONS, Bondage, Torture, M/M, underage M/M, Violence, Angst, H/C, Sap, Romance, Supporting character death, happy endings.

If you're ordering this book from outside the USA, please add $2.00 to the price of shipping. Its big and heavy and requires a little more shipping for international.

Sample pages 1 | 

Price - $ 18.99
Fandoms  | Smallville

NEW! Neko: The novel PDF format

Since Neko is no longer available from Smashwords due to their policy against selling fiction that includes beastiality, you can get the downloadable PDF version here.

If you are only ordering PDF downloadable items, please ignore the shipping costs which are automatically tacked on to all orders.

Price - $ 6.99
Fandoms  | Original

NEW! Neko: The novel

The paperback novel of Neko.

Zine size.

221 pages.

Perfect bound.

The story of a young neko captured and sold into slavery. Sold to a group of woodsmen he learns just how brutal humanity can be, until a passing stranger takes pity and frees him from captivity.

WARNINGS: Hardcore Non-Con, fetish, BDSM. M/M and multiple M/M.

Not for the faint of heart.

If you are ordering from non-USA addresses, please add $2.00 for shipping. The zines only ship from the US and the shipping costs are a bit more than I charge when I ship books myself.

If you'd like to order direct from LULU or Order the Eformated book for electronic readers you can get it from Smashwords.



Price - $ 12.99
Fandoms  | Original

NEW! Clex zine #4: Therefore I Am PDF for E-readers

Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark x Lex
Rating: Adult
Page count: 444 Digest format

My printer only ships these zines from the US, so if you're ordering outside the United States, please add an additional $2.00 per book for the extra postage costs.

Price - $ 5.99
Fandoms  | Smallville

NEW! The Black March

Book 3 of the Silver Mage series.

Page count: 394

The Prophet was gone, but trouble brewed in a far off land. A trouble that was ancient before the world changed and that even the greatest wizard in the world might find overwhelming. When foreign raiders take what Kastel, the Winter King loves, he and Dante chase them across the sea and find themselves in a distant, brutal land, at the mercy of forces that put them at a distinct disadvantage. Strangers in a strange land they discover a power that has lain dormant since before the Pharaohs ruled. And that power, once awakened devours everything in its path. It might even be a match for Dante Epherian, a fact that disagrees no small amount with the Lord of Fire. But he has distractions, chief among them, a sudden awareness of his former protégé, the Winter King.

Downloadable version is available here:

Price - $ 15.99
Fandoms  | Original

NEW! Lord of Fire

Book 1 of the Silver Mage Series.

Page count: 403

Lord of Fire

Dante Epherian was the greatest wizard the world had ever known, and the most dangerous, until he’d died defeating an evil that had threatened to extinguish humanity. And the world rested easier, two greats threats nullified in one fell blow.
All but the girl who’d loved him despite of himself.
But you can’t keep a good Wizard - - or a notoriously wicked one - - down. Only the world is a different one than the one he left, a world with a new religion and a new prophet who is more than he seems.
The Silver Mage finds himself on the run, with his former brethren none the wiser and with ancient wards binding his awesome power, he has to rely on more mundane methods of finding freedom and dealing vengeance on the man that shackled him.

These books are the originalized, much reworked of my Bastard!! Fanfictions: Aftermath and Black March.

Downloadable version is available here:

Price - $ 16.99

NEW! Winter King

Book 2 of the Silver Mage Series

Page count 525

The Winter King picks up where The Lord of Fire leaves off.
Dante is back to full power and the Prophet has taken to ground. But a Prophet striking from the shadows is more dangerous than one operating in the public eye and he strikes at Dante's weak spot. The people he loves.
And with the chance at subsuming the Lord of Fire's power and body gone, the Prophet turns his attentions to the next best thing, Dante's pupil, the Winter King . . .

Check out the next exciting installment of the Silver Mage series.

These books are the originalized, much reworked of my Bastard!! Fanfictions: Aftermath and Black March.

Downloadable version is available here:

Warnings: Some implied M/M non-con

Price - $ 17.99

NEW! Saiyuki Zine: Vindication/Cruel Intentions PDF for E-readers

This is a Saiyuki Fiction Zine.

It contains two stories. Vindication and Cruel Intentions.
Pairing: Gojyo x Sanzo
Rating: Adult
Page Count: 270

Price - $ 3.99
Fandoms  | Saiyuki

NEW! Clex Zine #3: Reap/What you Sow PDf for E-readers

Fandome: Smallville
Pairing: Clark x Lex
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Some non-con in 'Reap'. M/M sexual situations
Page Count: 540 digest size

Reap: Something Wicked this way comes . . . and its wearing Clark's body. Bizzarro is looking for Clark and Lex gets in his way.

What You Sow: Takes place after 'Reap'. This stories takes up after Lana's 'death' in the car explosion and veers from SV canon after that point. Everybody thinks Lex killed Lana, except, surprisingly, Clark and the two of them form a grudging alliance in attempts to uncover the truth. What they end up uncovering is a simmering passion that the two of them have denied for years.

This book ended up really big, 540 pages!!, hence the more expensive price. Sorry about that.

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Smallville

NEW! Clex Zine #2 : Give and take/Quality Time PDF for E-readers

This Zine features two stories, both sequels to Zine #1's

Price - $ 3.99
Fandoms  | Smallville

NEW! Clex Zine #1 : Reciprocation PDF for E-reader

This Zine features the Clex story 'Reciprocation'

Rating: Adult

Page count: 240

Price - $ 3.99
Fandoms  | Smallville

White Tales #3: A Weiss Kreuz Zine PDF for E-reader

P.L. Nunn's Weiss Kruez Fiction:

299 pages

This Zine features 'Shadow Games'.

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Weiss Kreuz

White Tales #1: A Weiss Kreuz Zine PDF for E-readers

A collection of P.L. Nunn's Weiss Kruez Fiction.

225 Pages.

Stories include: 'Violation' and 'A Price for Madness'.

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Weiss Kreuz

White Tales #2: A Weiss Kreuz Zine PDF for E-reader

A collection of P.L. Nunn's Weiss Kreuz fiction

222 pages

This Zine include: 'Bloodstained Illusions', ' Killing Time', 'Overcoming Obstacles' and 'Mercy'.

Price - $ 4.99
Fandoms  | Weiss Kreuz


The printed novel form of the original fantasy fiction Bloodraven.

Newly edited and polished. Follow the adventures of Yhalen as he struggles to survive slavery at the hands of brutish, ogre invaders, and finds passion in the arms of his half human, half ogre master, Bloodraven.

You might have noticed the price of the book is higher here at the BW shop than what's listed though Lulu on the fiction page. That's because the price has been adjusted here on the site to compensate for the additional costs of shipping. Its a very large book, so the normal shipping that the shopping cart tacks on does not cover it. It all works out about the same in the end, whether you order it through me or through Lulu.

If you are ordering INTERNATIONALLY, the book will be shipped Standard Mail. If you would like faster shipping, then please order direct from Lulu where they can provide a selection of shipping methods.

Sample pages 1 | 2 | 

Price - $ 26.00
Fandoms  | Bloodraven | Original


The perfect bound, printed, novel form of my original fiction Dockalfar.
When two mortals are kidnapped by creatures from a fey land, they find themselves seduced by mythical forces of both dark and light alignments.
A dark, twisted unseelie court ruled by a lord with designs on lost mortal magics, a beautiful, tragic dark assassin, soul-bound to his master, a seelie court of bright and beautiful sidhe who find themselves drawn into a war with their dark brethren and the two humans who must learn the meaning of betrayal, lust and power in a world they never believed existed.

You can also order this book direct from , either way, they are printed on demand and usually ship within a week of placing the order.

International customers: Because of the size of this book the shipping is considerably more expensive.
For Economy shipping (4-8 weeks) you MUST add $6.00 to the cost of your shipping.
For Airmail, (7-10 days) you MUST add $15.00 to the cost of your shipping.

I highly recommend you order direct from Lulu if you're shipping internationally, which should cut the delivery time by a week or so.

Price - $ 22.95
Fandoms  | Original

Dynasty of Ghosts (Novel)

Finally! The perfect bound book form of my original fiction Dynasty of Ghosts.

This book is 8 x 11 soft cover, perfect bound.

330 pages with illustration plates.

If you would like to order this book directly from Lulu publishing, you can get it here.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Because of the size of this book the shipping is considerably more expensive.

For Economy shipping (4-8 weeks) you MUST add $6.00 to the cost of your shipping.

For Airmail, (7-10 days) you MUST add $15.00 to the cost of your shipping.

I highly reccomend that international customers get this straight from Lulu to cut shipping time.

Price - $ 24.95
Fandoms  | Dynasty of Ghosts

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