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The Ice Storm

by P L Nunn


The Ice Storm


There is a silence so profound that it can transcend even sleep. The subtle sounds of electricity humming through old circuits. The low resonance of the electric heat ducts. The vague trickling of water from Sai's aquarium two rooms down the hall -- these were all elusive noises a body grew used to. When they were gone, dreams were affected, comfort interrupted.

Ryo blinked into hazy awareness, cognizant first of a chill that had not been in the air when he'd gone to sleep. The down quilt was over his head and he was clutching the second pillow under it. He lay for a while, thinking about emerging out from beneath it to fetch a second blanket, but the thought of braving the cold air when he wasn't too uncomfortable was daunting. He stayed where he was, risking a partial lowering of the quilt to glance at the clock on the bedstand. Its digital face was blank. The light from the window was filtered and gray. He looked that way sleepily and discovered the panes frosted and crinkled with ice. The silence reaffirmed itself.

No clock. No heat. No sounds. The power was out. He recalled vaguely hearing on the news last night that they might get the first big winter storm of the season. Against all odds the bouncy weather girl had been right.

He ventured an arm out from under the quilt and snagged his watch from the bedstand.

7:02. sacrilegiously early to be awake. He tossed the watch back, retreating under the blankets, wishing for a great cat body to snuggle next to, or Seiji's warmth. But white tigers, very much like house cats, had a mind of their own, and only consented to grant a body their company if they wanted it. Not the other way around. And Seiji tended to want to do things other than sleep.

When it was this cold and this early, Ryo wanted to do nothing but sleep. He pulled the covers back over his head and tried to reestablish oblivion. A great, shuddering crash that seemed to rock the house and a trailing yelp of surprise had him sitting up in shock, jolted out of peaceful bliss.

No matter how much he did not wish to get up, Ryo was never one to ignore such an alarming collection of sounds. With a muttered curse, he flung his covers back and scrambled to grab the nearest pair of jeans slung over the end of the bed. He pulled a sweater on and a pair of thick socks, then padded out into the hall and down the stairs to see what catastrophe had occurred.

Rowan was standing in the open front door, bundled for winter, letting in all manner of freezing air. Sai's voice could be heard from outside, sounding vaguely alarmed and excited.

"What the hell happened? And why are you letting all the heat out?"

Rowan turned, face red splotched from cold, bluish hair sticking out from under his red knit cap.

"Ice made one of the limbs of the tree next to the porch break off. It hit the roof of the porch. Sai and I were sitting out there when it hit. Scared the shit outta us."

Ryo moved to the window overlooking the broad front porch and peered out. A large limb leaned against the end of the porch haphazardly. Sai was out in the yard, tromping around it, half obscured by blowing snow. Ryo shivered and looked back to Rowan.

"Why were you out side at seven in the morning during a snowstorm?"

Rowan cast him a broad, white grin. "I like the snow. You're the only one that hates it. 'Sides, the power lines are down. No TV. No video games. No internet. What else is there to do?"

"I can think of a few things." Sage's drawl proceeded him from the hall leading from the kitchen. He strolled out with a steaming cup of chocolate in his hand.

"Not when its this cold and this early." Ryo muttered, stuffing his hands under his armpits miserably, ignoring the raised brow look Seiji gave him. "Rowan -- in or out. Just shut the door."

Rowan shrugged and yelled outside. "Sai, you finished looking' at the tree?"

Sai apparently was. He came stomping in, covered in melting clumps of snow and blown ice. The stuff that was falling outside was a liberal mixture of the two.

"It didn't do any damage, looks like." He reported, eyes bright with excitement. "We might loose that tree though. Tore a big slice off the trunk when the limb ripped free, which is too bad. It was a nice tree."

To Ryo's relief, Rowan shut the door. Sai was shaking snow from his jacket and getting water all over the floor. Ryo took a step back not wanting soggy socks. "The lot of you are up way too early." He complained.

"It's great when the power is out." Rowan's mood was exceedingly high this morning. Ryo's would be better when he was warm and drowsing again. He hated the cold. One supposed it was his nature. He had always rather thought hibernation an intriguing thought.

Sai was peeling off jacket and scarf and thick gloves. He leaned over and shook melted snow from his mop of brown hair like a dog coming in from the wet. Droplets of water spattered. He put one hand on Rowan's shoulder while he lifted a foot and pulled off an all-weather boot. The footwear got tossed into a corner by the door, followed by its twin.

"If it keeps snowing and sleeting like this, we could be out of power for days. There's no way the power crews can get out and do anything when its this bad. The lines are probably so heavy with ice they're down all over the place."

"The radio mentioned another two three days before outlying areas had a dream of getting power." Sage remarked. He had on a thick wool sweater over jeans. The black of the sweater contrasted starkly with the pale gold of his hair. One could barely see his right eye under the thick fall of the stuff. The left one gleamed with that look Seiji usually wore, that hinted that he knew just a little more -- and was just a little ahead of the rest of the world. Seiji had an astoundingly high opinion of himself.

"Oh, cool." Rowan said.

"Oh, god." Ryo groaned, figuring the temperature in the house was already below 60 degrees. Another two days and they'd all be icebergs, wood stove or not. Well, he would be, he amended morosely and shivered for good measure.

"Cup of coco?" Sage offered the lot of them, gesturing towards the back of the house. "I've got water over the woodstove."

"Not me." Sai said. "My clothes are wet thanks to Rowan stuffing snow down my back -- " he cast a mock glare at Rowan. "I'm going upstairs to change."

Rowan grinned at him. "That sounds like a really good idea. I think I'll help you."

Sai lifted both brows, glanced a little shyly towards Ryo and Sage, a slight blush on his fair skin. What did one comment after that? It was hardly a case of everyone not knowing what Rowan really wanted to do, Sai just tended towards perpetual modesty when it came to some things. Sex was one of those things. Rowan had no such restraints. He herded Sai towards the stairs, hands on his hips as he goaded him into climbing. By the time they'd reached the top they could be heard giggling to each other, then there was a thump of somebody's back hitting the wall and a low moan as they got distracted before the destination of Sai's room could be obtained.

Ryo walked to the window, pretending he didn't hear. He tread in some of Sai's discarded water and his socks soaked it up greedily. He grimaced, curling his toes, wondering how much time he needed to give Sai and Rowan to clear the hall before retreating to his own room. Sage came up behind him, warm breath tickling his ear, one hand reaching out to brush back the long strands of silken hair from his neck.

"There's not much else to do." Low voice, lips almost brushing the curve of his neck. It sent shivers all up and down Ryo's back. He hugged himself tighter and pulled just a little away from Sage.

"Its too cold." He said.

"Stoves burning in the den." Sage said.

"In the den?" Ryo shook his head prudishly. "No. No. No. They could come down --"

"They're going to be busy for a while. You think it would shock them? That their moral fiber would be tested?"

"You know what I mean." Ryo said softly. Seiji could turn his arguments against him in a heartbeat. "No." He finally said, simply. "Its just too cold."

Sage took a sip of his coco and stared at him. "Its all in your mind." Was his assessment, but he didn't press the issue. He turned and strolled back towards the den, which probably was warm, out of all the places in the house, but not a place that he would likely find sleep.

So he went back upstairs, a little unsettled, but it passed as soon as he was in the cool confines of his room. He tossed the damp socks, stripped out of his clothes and slipped under the layers of covers. He curled up about himself until the blankets warmed up from body heat, then with a sigh, he stretched out, appreciating the silence that was only occasionally interrupted by a thump or the squeaking of bedsprings two rooms down the hall.

He drowsed, content and warm again, drifting in and out of pleasant dreams.

"Ryo." A whispered breath of temptation in his ear. A stroking caress down the side of his face. He turned his cheek into the touch, seeking the warmth. An airy brush of warm wetness on the side of his mouth, that moved along his jaw and up to his ear. A velvety tongue slipping into the crevices of his ear, then a low breath that cooled the wetness. He hated the feeling. He always had. Half asleep still he freed a hand from under the quilt to brush away the intrusion. His wrist was caught smoothly and with a clink something hard and cold clamped around it.

That urged him into wakefulness. He blinked up, focusing on his hand held between his body and Seiji's, with one end of a dangling pair of handcuffs around his wrist. Seiji was kneeling over him, Ryo's thighs trapped between his knees and encumbered under blankets.

"Seiji -- no." He murmured, disoriented from sleep.

"Its a game. You'll like it." He leaned down and said it against Ryo's mouth. A casual exploration that turned into something deeper when Seiji slipped his tongue between Ryo's lips. Seiji's free hand moved between them, his knuckles rubbing the blanket between Ryo's legs. The friction of cloth against his skin was electrifying. He sank deeper into the pillow, overwhelmed by Seiji's persuasion, moaning into Seiji's skilled mouth.

He forgot about the cuff. Seiji didn't. Seiji's hand moved up his side, under the edge of the blanket and down the length of his arm. Slow, sensuous movements. Nothing alarming. Their mouths never separated, but before Ryo knew it, Seiji had drawn his arm up over his head, looped the chain of the cuffs around one of the scrolled rod iron bars of the headboard and clamped the other bracelet around Ryo's left wrist. Only then did he break the kiss, while Ryo was registering what had happened.

Ryo looked up at the silver police issue handcuffs, then glared up at Seiji's smug face.

"Damnit, Seiji. What is this?"

"They're handcuffs, Ryo." He sat back, surveying his work. Then he swung a leg over Ryo and got off the bed. He had a tall glass of iced tea sitting on the bedtable. He took a sip, strolling about the room while Ryo yanked at the chain.

"I know what they are." He tried not to sound impatient. Seiji hated it when people snapped at him. And Seiji at the moment very much had the upper hand. "Why are they on me?"

"I told you. It's a game." He leaned across the bed and sat the glass on the windowsill next to it. Then grasped the top of the blankets and swept them down to the foot of the bed, exposing Ryo to the chill air. He gasped. Goose bumps immediately popped up all over his body. His nipples tightened into small, hard nubs under his tank top.

"Seiji." His voice sounded whiny in his own ears. Seiji ignored it, pulled off his own sweater and pants, and moved to straddle Ryo again, in nothing more than his boxers. He reached out and rubbed his fingers across one of Ryo's nipples.

"Cold or excitement?" he mused.

"Cold." Ryo told him, and his teeth almost were chattering, but he wasn't certain which element was the cause.

"Hummm. I told you it was all in your head." Seiji took a sip of tea. He leaned down to Ryo's neck and instead of warm tongue on his skin a hard sliver of ice trailed down his throat. He jerked his head back in shock, trying to twist away when Seiji went for his ear. Seiji grasped his hair and turned his head so he could suckle the soft lobe, then ply it with the smooth ice.

"Seiji -- stop -- please -- I hate that."

All the response he got from that complaint was a low chuckle and Seiji abandoning his ear for more sensitive areas. Fingers pushed up his shirt and Seiji's mouth found one nipple. God. Cold that made the air seem temperate. He shut his eyes, grinding his teeth together to keep from yelping in shock. The cuffs bit into his wrists when he reflexively tried to jerk his hands down to push Seiji away. The rod iron headboard rattled.

Seiji's hand was between them, slipping through the slit in Ryo's boxers, warm against his skin, kneading and stroking just the way he knew would drive Ryo crazy. It was odd, the one sensation distracting from the other. Seiji held the considerably smaller piece of ice between his teeth and rubbed it against first one hardened nipple then the other. Then he dropped it in the center of Ryo's chest to melt and reached for a new piece out of his glass.

"Enough." Ryo said, out of breath and trying to squirm out from under him, maybe get a sitting position where he could fend off Seiji's malevolent ministrations.

"No." Seiji lowered himself chest to chest, pressing Ryo down with his weight, then he slipped down his body until the center of his weight was resting upon Ryo's thighs. He pulled his boxers down to the tops of his thighs, baring his half hard sex.

"No, no, no. Seiji, no --" the command/plea trailed off into the yelp he had controlled earlier when Seiji's mouth, complete with ice enveloped the tip of his penis. The struggling erection fled in shock as the hard nugget of ice was rolled around the head and down the shaft. It was a singularly distressing experience. The hot inside of Seiji's mouth on one side and the chilling ice on the other. Everytime the ice hit a new spot he likened to jump out of his skin.

Seiji pulled away long enough to drop the second piece of ice into the puddle left by the first on Ryo's chest and dig out another piece with his fingers. He sat up with a sly smile, and with a concise motion pulled Ryo's boxers off, tossing them behind him, then he was back over top him, forcing a knee between his thighs to spread his legs apart. He grasped one leg under the knee and leaned forward, to hold up the ice cube where Ryo could see it. Ryo had a terrible notion of what he planned to do with it. He stared at the crystalline little chunk in apprehension, then to Seiji's serene blue eyes beyond it.

He shook his head no, but Seiji pressed his leg up, leaning his weight against him to keep him from twisting, and Ryo felt the ice sliding down the crack of his ass. Felt Seiji's fingers spreading him, then forcing the agonizingly cold little chunk up into him. He cursed, tossing his head, yanking at the cuffs. He hardly felt Seiji's fingers pushing the thing as far up into him as he could get it. All he felt was cold, numbing fingers of discomfort. Seiji leaned forward and kissed him and Ryo clamped his teeth shut, angrily. It was not a deterrent. Seiji merely moved down his writhing body and took his flaccid penis in his mouth, which this time was lacking ice. Incredible warmth warred with the coldness melting inside him. Seiji's velvety tongue over the soft skin of his shaft. Around the slit of the head, suckling hard, luring a rushing crescendo of blood into it. Almost enough to forget the ice or the thin trickle of melted water running out of him. The heat of Seiji's mouth and throat as he took all of Ryo's hard sex turned the fading sensation of ice into erotic little shivers that traced their way up every nerve in his body.

He moaned Seiji's name then, in supplication for him to complete it. Any indignation he'd held had retreated, to be hunted down later after Seiji had finished. He thrust his hips up, trying to drive himself further into the hot mouth.

Seiji pulled away then, staring up into Ryo's glazed eyes. "Is it melted yet?"

"I don't care. Please, Seiji --"

"Is it still too cold to fuck?"

"No. Just do it."

Seiji shifted a little, reaching for the bedstand drawer and the tube of mint flavored lube he knew was there. He squirted a little on his fingers and stroked his own rigid member. Then he lifted Ryo's legs, positioning himself between his butt cheeks, teasing the sensitive opening with the tip of his sex, but not pressing in. He smiled when Ryo wriggled, trying to force Seiji inside him. He thrust in, one smooth hard motion that buried him to the balls against Ryo's ass. Seiji chased the numbness created by the cold away. He worked up a friction that banished anything but heat. Ryo's internal fires stoked and he clenched his fists in the frustration of not being able to get his hands on either himself or Seiji. Seiji took care of the former, reaching out and stroking Ryo's sex in time with his own thrusts.

He came in Seiji's palm, then Seiji pressed him forward, getting a better angle for his thrusts, driving into him with the rhythmic, unflagging control that he never seemed to loose. Ryo turned his face into his shoulder and rode the wave until Seiji's last few rapid thrusts heralded his climax. He shuddered, filling Ryo with liquid heat. He stayed for a few breaths, limp but still encased by Ryo's flesh, then he slid out and let Ryo's legs fall loosely to either side of him. He slipped forward, chest against chest, flaccid sex against flaccid sex and ran his hands up Ryo's ribs, under his arms and up his wrists. He unlocked one cuff. There was nothing really for Ryo to do but put his arms around Seiji's shoulders.

"So," Sage said, conversationally. "Was it all in your mind, or what?"



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