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Quality Time

by P L Nunn


Chapter Five


"Lex," Clark trailed him out the building, stood there shifting on the sidewalk while Lex relocked the big, brass entrance, for all the good it did since the homeless seemed to have their own way in. "I saw him move at you and I just acted, okay?"

"Okay," Lex said and smiled but there was this sharp edge beneath the surface of it. This little curl of tension. Like he wasn't close to okay and that didn't make sense - - because it really hadn't been that big a deal, the thing with the vagrant. And whatever unease Lex was feeling about the Lana thing he'd been smooth at covering. Well, mostly, but it had been a different sort of upset.

"Is something wrong?" Clark asked, when they were back in the car and pulling out into Saturday afternoon traffic. Lex flashed him a quick look and looked back to the road.

"Why would it be? Like you said - - gut instinct. I can't fault you for that, can I?" All honey smooth voice and casual dismissal and Clark knew him way too well to buy it.

He could keep asking and Lex could keep dancing around the subject, and Lex was a better dancer by far than him. If Lex didn't want to talk, then Clark damn well wasn't going to make him by pestering.

Clark leaned back and shut his eyes, listening to the sound of the city passing by. He wasn't Lex and the not knowing of a thing wouldn't eat at him until it consumed him. His curiosity wasn't that overwhelming. And he was not quite certain this was about him at all. Lex had been leaking those little traces of anxiety that most of the world never picked up on, but Clark knew like the back of his hand, since Thursday. He'd been mostly okay after they'd left the penthouse though - - until that call.

They didn't talk all the way back to LuthorCorp East. The ride up the elevator was silence, Clark leaning against the back wall, Lex standing dead center, hands idly at his side, staring fixedly at their mutated reflections in the gleaming brass of the doors. Clark stared at the straight line of Lex's back, jacketless in the summer heat, all lean contours, and wondered what Lex was really seeing.

He trailed Lex into the penthouse, through the big formal room off the elevator that Lex never used and into the more comfortable living space that he'd refurbished because Clark had made a heat of the moment comment about the starkly uncomfortable lines of the designer furniture that had graced it like pieces of utilitarian modern art.

Sometimes Lex's desire to accommodate bordered on the obsessive. Especially taken into context with those other times when he went out of his way to breed discomfort.

"So," Clark said, because there came a point where even the most comfortable silence began to feel like a weapon. "The weather today was great, huh?"

Lex turned and gave him a look. A flash of narrowed eyes. Irritated maybe. But maybe not, because he closed the distance in two long strides, snagged Clark by the T-shirt and kissed him. Open mouthed and hungry. And if sucking Clark's tongue into his mouth was a new method of expressing irritation, Clark was all for it.

Clark's back hit the wall, Lex leaning into him full body, Lex's fingers practically ripping thin cotton and the movements of Lex's mouth absolutely no nonsense. He still sort of tasted like the fruity sorbet he'd had for dessert and the subtle hint of sweat under the scent of his cologne was enough to make Clark want to drag the both of them down to the floor, spread Lex out under him and lick a swath across all that fragrant, pale skin.

Lex broke the kiss, air deprived and flushed, eyes gone dark and full of purpose. Just sex on two legs when he looked like that, and Clark made a little sound in his throat, and lunged towards him again, wanting intimate contact back. Got his mouth on Lex's throat, sucking at the pulse, while Lex's hands clenched at his shoulders, body arching against Clark's.

Then he took a breath, pushed himself off Clark without breaking his hold on Clark's shirt and pulled him towards the bedroom. Down the hall with the door to Lex's study to the left and some unspecified room to the right and the wide entrance of the master suite yawned.

Clark caught Lex by the waist, spinning him around at the threshold, drawing him back in for another kiss, ravenous for the taste of him, now that Lex had stoked the hunger. Ravenous for the feel of his skin, fingers tugging at the edges of Lex's thin summer silk shirt to get it untucked so he could get his hands on the flesh underneath.

He started moving them towards the bed, an odd little give and take, bumbling dance, because neither of them were paying attention to the path their feet were taking. Clark had his eyes closed anyway, because Lex was sucking on the soft skin behind his jaw and when Lex did that, thoughts sort of scattered.

"No," Lex said, and pulled Clark to stop, halting bed ward progression. Clark didn't understand exactly, his cock hard as diamond in his jeans and the bed seeming the best place to take care of the condition.

"No?" It sounded a little like a whine - - but really, Lex didn't seem to be exactly with the program.

"Shower." Lex wriggled to extricate himself from the body meld Clark had them in, and shoved him towards the bathroom.

It seemed a waste of time, since they'd just have to shower later again anyway - - but if Lex wanted to start off with a joint bout under the water, Clark was game. He'd never realized showers could be quite so entertaining until he'd starting taking them at Lex's where the stall was big enough for six people. Or two very energetic ones.

Besides, Lex had this look underneath the sex haze that darkened his eyes, that still had that hint of something - - taut and edgy - - like he was looking towards the prospect of the shower to wash off more than the accumulated sweat of a summer day.

It stalled Clark's libido, made him grasp at Lex's arm and stop him at the door, staring down with blatant concern.

"What's wrong?"

Lex canted his head, a faint line between his brows. Pretending not to understand.

That nagging worry was starting to bloom. It had to be more than the Lana thing, but usually Lex was damned efficient at not carrying LexCorp problems into personal time - - like there was very little that could come up that he knew the reach of his power and wealth couldn't deal with.

"Nothing's wrong, Clark. C'mon - -"

"Liar." Clark said it gently, laid his palms flat on the door either side of Lex's shoulders.

Lex met his eyes, unflinching, stared for a long moment, as if he were picking apart the inner workings of Clark's mind. "If I hadn't stopped by this morning," he asked calmly. "Would you have told me about Lana sleeping over?"

Clark blinked, off guard. He hated - - absolutely hated - - when Lex did that. He had to think it over though, anyway.

"No?" Lex asked, when Clark didn't answer right away.

"Not because I'd done anything wrong," Clark said defensively.

"Just easier to avoid trouble with a carefully applied non-disclosure."

Clark swallowed. His thoughts exactly and how this had gotten turned around on him, he wasn't quite sure. "Yeah - - "

"Easier to avoid misunderstandings."

"Yeah." He admitted warily.

"Okay, then. I won't fault you for it," Lex's fingers rose to the buttons of his shirt, slipping them though button holes, one by one, revealing hints of the lean curve of his chest beneath. "If you won't fault me."

Which was all fine and good, and God, he loved Lex and trusted Lex implicitly in some things, but in others - - well, Lex simply wasn't Boy Scout material and Clark wishing otherwise didn't make a damn bit of difference and - - maybe he didn't want to know after all.

It was hard to concentrate anyway, when Lex was shrugging the shirt off his shoulders, silk sliding down his arms to drop carelessly on the floor. Hard to consider all sorts of things when Lex was unbuckling his belt and shedding his pants, a whisper of silk and wool that was like foreplay. Slow and sensual like Lex got off on the feel of fine material sliding across his skin and wanted to savor the sensation.

Clark's jeans were so tight it almost hurt. Finding fault with a naked Lex, who trailed the back of his hand tauntingly across the front of Clark's jeans before he stepped towards the shower, was patently impossible.

Clark couldn't get naked fast enough. He stepped into the shower, shut the frosted door behind him and crowded close to Lex, close enough almost that their bodies touched, but not quite.

"Okay," he said, trying not to look down, because once he looked down he'd have to touch and he wanted to get this out first. "But you know I'm here for you, right? Even if it's just to vent about some business thing that I won't really understand or some project that went south or whatever. If you think you're trying to shield me from something - - you don't need to."

"Like you try to shield me?" Lex asked.

"From things like knives and bullets, Lex. You're a little more vulnerable in that department than me."

Lex smiled at him, one corner of his mouth twitching up. He turned on the water and shuddered when it sprayed down, initially cool. Clark grinned, not feeling the discomfort at all.

He fumbled for the soap, used it liberally, sharing with Lex, and hands slid over slippery flesh with no resistance.

Lex's mouth locked on his shoulder, and God their cocks were slipping against each other, little flares of sensation and Clark's hands gripped Lex's hips, wanting to grind him up close, create more delicious friction.

Lex slid down instead, a press of wet, utterly smooth body down the length of his. Clark's breath hitched, the whole of his body prickling as Lex mouthed his way down his stomach, to the trail of hair that began below his navel, soft lips detouring to his hip, teeth nipping not so gently at angled bone and muscle.

Lex settled on his knees, dipping under the insistent bob of Clark's cock to lap water off the tightening skin of his balls, before he sucked one into his mouth. And God - - just fuck damn Lex God - - Clark couldn't stop the roll of words, couldn't stop his head from thumping against the imported tile of the stall, maybe cracking a few expensive squares - - because again - - God. Lex.

Lex's tongue was brushed velvet and the inside of his mouth was slippery satin and as awesome as it felt caressing Clark's balls, Clark knew it would feel so much better wrapped around his cock - - if he could survive the foreplay, he'd be in heaven.

He moaned, arching against Lex a little, curling his hands into fists until the initial desperate need surged through him. He didn't like his too powerful hands on Lex's skull when he was in the throes of mindless want. Bad enough he left bruises on the rest of Lex, crushed skulls were the things of nightmares.

Lex's hands slid up the outside of his thighs, one hand circling around, fingers slithering up the crevice of his ass. Long, tapered fingertip circling his clenched hole. Teasing.

Lex let the nut slip from his mouth, licked a leisurely trail up the underside of Clark's erection, following the line of the big vein up to the uncut tip. His free hand circled the shaft, tugging the loose skin down, revealing the shiny red head, weeping evidence of Clark's need.

Clark braced his legs to keep his knees from buckling. Couldn't take his eyes off Lex studying him, the cant of that pale head, skin beaded with water, as Lex considered how best to drive Clark out of his mind. When his eyes flicked up, dark pupils surrounded by circles of blue-grey, there was nothing behind them but want. Clark almost came from the look. From the glimpse of Lex's hard, flushed cock jutting up from between his legs, untouched and awaiting its turn.

"God - - Lex - - please - -"

Lex liked it when he begged.

The tip of Lex's tongue darted out, catching the bead of precome that the water hadn't washed away, and Clark's eyes rolled back in their sockets, all the breath stalled in his lungs, all the blood throbbing through his veins at what felt like double speed.

When Lex slipped his lips over the head, sucking gently, infusing Clark with the luxurious, wet warmth of his mouth, Clark whimpered and shut his eyes.

The warmth disappeared.

"Look at me," Lex said softly. "I want you to watch."

Clark opened his eyes, blinking water from his lashes. Lex smiled, parted his lips and took Clark in again. Clark watched in shell-shocked fascination at the languorous way his cock disappeared and reemerged between Lex's pink lips. The way Lex never broke eye contact while he slowly fucked his mouth upon Clark's cock.

Not until Clark began to gasp and shudder, body tensing all over in that tell tale tightening surge before orgasm, and then Lex picked up the pace, lashes flickering down a little as he took as much of Clark as he could. With Lex's hand snug at the root and his throat convulsively clenching around the tip, Clark almost forgot how to breathe.

He cried out, breathless opened mouthed sobs, a dark wave of release and kaleidoscopic sensation. Wild thrusts into Lex's mouth and Lex held onto his hips with both hands and obligingly swallowed him deep, accepting it all. Nuzzling him still as Clark softened in his mouth.

Clark slumped afterwards, drained, strengthless as only really good orgasm could make him. Knelt on the tiles next to Lex, just breathing, trying to get his mind to work again while Lex idly stroked wet hair off his forehead, licked water off his cheeks with soft swipes of his tongue.

"Love you," Clark whispered, hoarse and overwhelmed, voicing things he knew Lex wouldn't voice back and not caring, because he understood. Lex shivered and leaned into him, soft kiss on his forehead, soft kisses on his eyelids and down to his lips, answering in a different way.

Clark's hand drifted down Lex's ribs, across his abdomen to his hard cock. Lex drew breath, rising up a little, straddling Clark's thighs, pressing himself against Clark's belly.

"My turn?" Clark murmured.

"No. My turn again." Teeth caught at the skin behind Clark's jaw. Shivery, tickly sensation, then Lex ghosted his lips across his ear and whispered. "Turn around."




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