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by P L Nunn


Chapter 14


When Clark had made that decision to stop his headlong flight and go back to Lex - - well, decision was a stretch - -because a there hadn't been a lot of conscious thought involved - - just instinct and need that had felt almost primal. Like Lex had triggered something with that touch, with the whisper of his lips across Clark's skin that had started boiling in Clark's gut and surged outward, uncontrollable and undeniable. The stark, frightening realization that something inside him wanted Lex.

He hadn't stopped to question it. Not then. He'd just reacted, turning back, to confront him maybe, to demand some sort of justification for Lex rattling Clark's already severely rattled world view, maybe even simply to feed that animistic need that clamored at him from the inside, wanting release. He hadn't expected to find Lex on his back, eyes glazed, lips parted, pants split open, revealing the pale, smooth skin of his belly, and the pink head of his dick sliding through the circle of his hand. Clark really hadn't expected that.

But it was the scrape that had done it. The bruised around the edges, raw scrape on Lex's hip. As big as Clark's palm, and as painful looking a thing as Clark could imagine, and Lex had been swallowing the pain all day. Walking around on it, without protest, like he was trying to prove something, or more likely just trying to hide weakness. Stubborn. He always had been stubborn, and prone to the sort of bad luck that left him bruised and battered. And he'd brush it off, and it was only when he thought you weren't looking, that he'd wince and shudder as the pain washed over him.

That was Clark's Lex. The one he tried not to remember, because it hurt too much, or interfered with the things he had to do to deal with the man Lex had let himself become these last years. But it was the same man. The same fiercely stubborn, fiercely proud Lex he'd always been. And in this place and this time, in this exact moment, all the other stuff was inconsequential.

And it had been good. Really, really good, the way Lex had made him feel. Clark hadn't even realized you could do the things Lex had done with his mouth during the course of oral sex. And Lex had swallowed, which in and of itself shouldn't have been so miraculous a thing - - except that it sort of was.

Which wasn't to say the first time Lana had tentatively wrapped her lips around his dick hadn't been miraculous as well - - but she hadn't ever exactly gone about it with the heart thumping enthusiasm that Lex had. And she'd never managed to get the whole of him in her mouth - not that he expected her to, her being small and delicate and him being - - well, really not either of those things.

And oh, God, he was comparing them. And Lana's ghost was staring at him with big, accusatory eyes - - he could almost feel the prickle on his skin - - for doing what he'd done with Lex anyway. He needed to shut that down right away. But pushing her out of his mind wasn't that easy. She might have been dead fifty years in real time, but for him, she'd been alive a week ago. Running away from him, granted, but alive.

So sure, a little guilt wasn't out of place, considering he'd just finished coming with her ex-husband's mouth locked onto his dick. How reality show tacky was that? Only it had been pretty spectacular while it was happening. And the only thing he'd been able to think about for a damned long while after was pretty much Lex and only Lex and how many people - - how many guys - -Lex might have had the occasion to practice his oral sex technique with - - instead of the more reasonable - - oh my God, I just finished rolling around with my greatest enemy. What was I thinking?

Only Lex wasn't his enemy, because none of the things that had made them enemies existed anymore. Everything was gone. The secrets and the grudges just didn't matter anymore. The things Lex had done - -well, he could hold that against him for eternity if he wanted, but it wouldn't make him feel any better. He could condemn Lex for all the innocents he'd hurt, the lives he'd been responsible for cutting short in a crusade that had partly been of Clark's making, and the world would still be a ravaged mess with a handful of human beings left alive in it. Condemning the one person left, that he couldn't stop himself from caring about, even when he tried, just didn't make a lot of sense. It wouldn't make Lex a better man, and it wouldn't make Clark happy.

Maybe a little forgiveness would accomplish both those ends. What did he have to lose? What did either one of them have to lose?

And God, it had felt good. And lying here now, with his body loose and relaxed, he realized just how long he'd felt taut strung and overburdened. Long before he'd woken up in this desolate future. Months of worrying about Lana and all of the Veritos bullshit, and what Lex was doing, and so many other things. Whatever the reasons, this thing they'd both essentially snapped and done, had broken the dam on a lot of pent up stress and frustration.

He rolled his head and looked at Lex again. Lex was staring resolutely at the mottled canvas above their heads, one hand behind his head, the fingertips of the other absently grazing his pants around the edges of the place the abrasion on his hip would be. Clark's mind flashed back to the image of Lex with the same hand inside his loosened pants, jerking off when Clark had made his entirely impromptu decision to come back and take Lex up on his offer.

First instinct was to push the thought away and pretend it hadn't entered his mind - - only, that was sort of shutting the barn door after the cows and the horses and every other piece of livestock on the premises had already bolted outside. When he squared his mental shoulders and thought about it, really thought about it, he realized he'd used to look at Lex a lot back in the day and deny the instinctive thoughts that had slipped into his mind.

"I guess I was in a little bit of denial," he admitted finally.

Lex turned his head and met his eyes. His eyes were so damned blue in the sporadic sunlight flittering in and out of the lean-to as the patches of clouds passed by.

"I don't blame you. You're a product of your upbringing," Lex said, matter of factly.

Clark pursed his lips and said dryly. "Gee. That's a relief."

"No, really. I can't imagine the normal circumstance that would have allowed to you to admit to yourself, much less anyone else, that you might possibly be attracted to anything that didn't have breasts, and not expect social ostracization. You did live in rural Kansas."

Clark sat up, giving Lex a look. "This is still rural Kansas. It's just a lot more rural."

Lex's mouth twitched, like he appreciated the fact that Clark could take his little analysis in stride. Like maybe he'd sort of been pushing buttons for the sake of button pushing, because that's what Lex liked to do. Or maybe, just maybe, it was Lex on the defensive. Maybe Lex had been lying there, just as jumbled up as Clark had been about what had just happened between them.

He felt pretty damned sure, from the last few days of his and Lex's interactions that a seduction hadn't been at the top of Lex's list of things to do. A couple of days ago, he'd smashed Clark up side the head with a chunk of kryptonite, for God's sake. It was a good bet his alternative plan of action at the time hadn't involved giving Clark the best blowjob in his life.

"So - -" Clark said, because he wasn't quite sure what to do with himself now. "I'm thinking, I'm gonna go and gather up a pile of corn and other stuff to take back to the city."

"That had been your plan," Lex agreed dryly. And there was that look in his eyes that suggested he thought Clark was retreating from an awkward situation.

It wasn't like Clark hadn't fled from uncomfortable things in the past - -not exactly this sort of uncomfortable thing - - but other things that had involved Lex where it had been easier to flee than brave it out. And maybe that's where he'd started going wrong with Lex, not having the fortitude to just stick it out and stand up and deal with it, one way or another.

Deal with Lex in a way that hadn't left Lex frustrated and suspicious and desperate to discover his own answers any way he could.

"I won't be long," Clark promised, then waved a hand in the direction of the root cellar. "A lot of the stuff down in the cellar is still intact. We could probably use something to carry it back in."

Lex canted his head, thinking, then pushed himself to a sitting position. "There are a lot of cellars in Smallville. A lot in the mid-west."

"Yeah," Clark agreed.

"A lot of material for scavenge. It might be a good carrot to lure them out here."

Clark stood there, blinking. Realizing Lex was considering his idea of getting Granny's people to relocate.

"Yeah. And the ready food source. If they could just see that there are fields of it just waiting - -"

"They're not farmers. You'd have to teach them." Lex made an effort to get up, and winced, his bruises no doubt having gone stiff in the time he'd been down. Clark held out a hand, suddenly optimistic, and Lex eyed it for a second, before giving in and accepting the help.

Clark grasped his hand and pulled him up. Held on to his hand a moment longer, warm skin, long fingers, skin soft and callus free. Clark wondered what the rest of his skin felt like. The parts Clark had never seen, hidden under clothing. He felt a curl of shuddery anticipation at the fact that the chances of him finding out were probably pretty good, all things considered. He drew a breath, releasing Lex's hand, Lex's eyes fixed on his face with a wry sort of interest.

"I can do that. These fields have been untended for fifty years, they're fertile. We can grow anything here, if we can just find the viable seed."

Lex walked a few yards out from the lean-to, gaze sweeping the fields, the volunteer grain that stood swaying where Clark's house used to be, the intermittent wildflowers, descendents of the one's his mother had cultivated, bright spots among them.

"The Global Seed Bank," Lex said softly.

"The what?"

Lex turned suddenly bright eyes on him, excitement scrawled on his face. "The Arctic seed bank. It's a safety net against natural disaster, climate change, plant epidemics - - war. It has stores of the genetic material of the world food crop. It's underground. On an island off of Norway. The permafrost would have maintained integrity, even with the loss of power. Clark, your seeds are there."

He'd forgotten what it felt like to share dreams with Lex. He'd used to, when they'd both been young and so much more innocent than they were now. When he'd go over to the mansion that was nothing but a jumbled pit of stone and decay now, and talk about what if's and maybe's with Lex. And Lex would engage wholeheartedly in Clark's meager flights of fancy. Meager, because Lex's dreams were always so much bigger. Lex dreamed global, while the furthest Clark ever got in his daydreams were the gleaming spires of Metropolis. But Lex never criticized him for his lack of vision. Lex had encouraged him, egging him on a little maybe, hinting around the edges that Clark was capable of maybe a bit more than that picket fence and that house in the suberbs. That he believed Clark had the capacity to go further than Clark at fifteen or sixteen believed he could go himself.

And at the time, Lex hadn't even known Clark's true potential. He'd just been being a good friend. Better than Clark had been to him.

But past was past. The future demanded nothing less than full attention. Fresh starts out of the ashes of old mistakes. He thought something along those lines would make a good requiem on his monument.

They mapped out, roughly, where the first structures might be built. Clark uncovered the farm's deep water well, and while Lex stood well back, blasted away decades worth of debris and collapsed shaft with concentrated pulses of his heat vision. He'd have to erect a pulley system, but the reserves of water were still there. A source of water and good fertile land were the basis of founding a community. It was just a matter of convincing a people entrenched in their compound, behind their razor wire and their fears, that there was a better life waiting outside the city. A harder life maybe, initially, until they could erect enough shelter, and learn the way of the land, but safer, surely.

"You'll have to bring some of them out here," Lex said, sitting on Clark's moss covered rock. "The old woman will be the most reasonable, and have the most influence. Jane will need convincing. Win a few of their elders over and let them do the arguing for us."

He was stripping away the outside layer of a carrot with his pocket knife. Clark had found a plot of them out near where the old Ross farm had been as well as the tracks of small animals. Burrowers most likely, that had been underground when whatever had happened, happened. It was a good sign, rabbits in the carrot patch. It boded well for the gradual return of some semblance of life here. There were copses of young forest here and there, springing up through the bones of old ones. He'd have to go out and listen for the sounds of subtle scurrying, subtle digging and rooting, and discover what other life had managed to survive. Hopefully, this far out from the initial kryptonite radiation surge that had triggered the Event, the animal life had not been altered like it had been in the city.

"How fast can you build something?" Lex asked, munching on the narrow end of the carrot. "These are people used to being surrounded by buildings. Some of them - - most of them - - have never been outside the city. All this - -" he waved the hand with the carrot around at the vast expanse of flat land. "Will be intimidating."

Clark pondered that, and figured Lex was probably right. It would be a lot to ask of somebody who'd never not seen walls around them, to imagine them the first time they got plopped down in the middle of essentially nowhere. Just one simple structure, to hint at the things that might come - - might be enough to ease fears.

"You wanna hang around here for another couple of hours?" he asked.

Lex shrugged. It had stopped raining and he'd shed his coat back in the canvas lean to. "I don't have any pressing plans."

Clark grinned. He shed his own jacket on the rock next to Lex, stared at the spot where they'd decided would be a good one for a communal building, back behind where the house used to be - - and blurred into motion.

Foundation first. He dug it out with a pick hoe and a shovel that had weathered the years just fine in the root cellar. It took him less than twenty minutes.

He headed to the ruins of the Luthor estate for the foundation blocks. There were tons of them, all jumbled at the bottom of the pit, already cut and ready to use with just a few minor adjustments. Mortar was a problem, so he went with fitting the blocks together tongue-in-groove, interlocking them into place like pieces of a jigsaw. The hand carving took time, until he got the hang of it, then it was a simple swipe with a nail and a tap and he'd get the perfect cuts he wanted.

He found that treasure Lex had been hoping for in his excavation. A case of it, protected under a stone archway when the subbasement ceiling had collapsed. Not all the bottles were intact, but there were a few, aged and dusty, that he carted back to the lean to where Lex was napping away the hottest part of the afternoon. Clark was pretty sure he'd made his day, since he'd seen much the same look on Lex's face upon the long sought acquisition of an especially coveted automobile.

He figured it was late afternoon by the position of the sun, by the time he had the roof up. He didn't have a door, or glass or shutters for the windows, but he had a hearth, with a stone chimney, and a slate floor hewn from slabs at the quarry.

"It's not finished. I need to find a door. And the windows are just there - - I'm not sure if glass or just shutters would work better. " Clark said, embarrassed at the lack as Lex walked into the shadowed space through the gaping entrance.

Lex flicked a look his way, a gauging narrowing of the eyes as if he were skeptical. "Don't be modest, Clark. You just built a house in - - what, maybe four hours? We can get a door in the city. There were plenty just waiting to be put to use. God, there are tons of things we can use, if we can devise an easy way to get them here, without you having to make a trip at a time."

Clark took a breath, something easing in his chest. "I feel good about this."

"It's an accomplishment," Lex said, shoulder against the door frame. "Frankly amazing."

Clark had to wonder what it had looked like from the outside, him super speeding through this construction. Like some sort of stop motion photography where you got to see at enhanced speeds the unfurling of a flower from bud to decay.

"You're filthy," Lex added, canting his head down and giving Clark a casual once over.

Clark looked down at himself and realized it was true. He'd been digging and sloshing and mucking about in a lot of dirt and mud. He was saturated with it. In fact, he hadn't had a shower since before he'd gone to confront Lex at the Fortress. He was long over due.

"Yeah, when's the last time you had a shower?" Clark countered, figuring Lex was in the same boat, hygiene wise. Well, minus the mud.

Lex lifted a brow. "Good point."

Clark grinned. "If you're game, Crater Lake's still there."

And it was. A lot more overgrown around the shore than it had been the last time Clark had the occasion to visit, but the lake itself seemed unchanged. The woods around it were only decades old, instead of centuries, but pine and cedar and sycamore were fast growers and the foliage was thick enough to provide plenty of shade and lots of seclusion. Not that the world in general was short on seclusion right now - - privacy was not something that was in short supply - - but something about standing on the sandy shore of the lake without even the sound of bird's chirping made the lack so much more profound.

Lex was staring with something akin to suspicion at the gently lapping water.

"I wonder what the chances are of there being things in the water with the same mutations as some of the things in the city? We're close enough to the epicenter that it's possible and that's not even taking into account that we're technically in Smallville."

"I dunno. You're the one that did all the testing on kryptonite and its effects. You're telling me you didn't have a lab somewhere that was subjecting aquatic life to meteorite exposure?"

Lex snorted softly and gave Clark a narrow look. "That was on my To Do list. Getting hijacked out of my own time put a crimp in all my timetables."

There was that ghost of a moment when Clark's hackles automatically wanted to raise to the bait, as instinctual as breathing, but it faded, fast a it had come, and he returned Lex's look and a smirk of his own.

"There's nothing lurking under the surface," Clark said, giving the lake a once over. "At least nothing big. There are fish. Lake trout, I think. Which is great, because I love lake trout. Frogs. A few snakes by the shore."

Lex's brow went up again.

Clark gave him a look. "Don't tell me you're afraid of a few snakes?"

"Of course I'm not - -" Lex started, reflexive denial of any such thing, before he took a breath and amended. "Actually, yes, water snakes scare the shit out of me. Happy?"

Clark grinned, and kicked off his boots. Pulled off his socks and waded into the water fully dressed. His clothes were in need of a washing as much as he was.

"If you splash around and make noise, they stay clear. And if they're psycho mutated water snakes intent on attacking, I'll protect you."

"Fuck you." Was Lex's response to that.

Clark grinned wider and dove backwards, kicking himself off underwater to a deeper section of lake. He came up twenty yards out, shaking water from his hair, treading water. The water was about nine foot deep here. Cool and clear. He pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it towards the shore. It landed in the sand with a wet splat a few feet from Lex. He unfastened his jeans, submerged and did a little underwater acrobatics to get them and his boxers off, then came up and tossed them in the wake of his shirt. Lex side-stepped a few feet to avoid getting spattered with sand as they hit.

He cast Clark an unappreciative look.

"What'sa matter, Lex? Scared to come in with me?" Clark felt oddly at ease and on edge at the same time. A weird juxtaposition of feeling. The water gently swirling around his naked genitals was making him a little hard. Or maybe that was expectation. Maybe the idea of Lex shedding his clothing and wading into the water with him was doing more for him, deep down, than the physical sensations.

"What action of mine has ever suggested to you, that I'm afraid of you?"

Oh, Clark could probably come up with a few, the most recent being ambushes with chunks of meteor rock, and attempts at indentured servitude via supposed alien remote control devices, but he decided mentioning those would probably not get Lex into the water any quicker than a grin, and a lazy backstroke through the water.

And he wanted Lex in the water. He wanted, with a straightforward need that surprised him, to explore the things Lex had stirred up in the lean-to. He wanted to find out if it had just been a fluke - - a mutual need to release tension the surest way two bodies could, or whether it had been something more.

Lex made a decision. Bent and pulled of his boots, tucked his socks into them. Pulled his sweater off with faintly stiff movements, like raising his arms over his head was a little bit of an effort. Between the healing puncture wound on his shoulder and the various bruises the removal of the sweater revealed on pale skin, Clark figured any exaggerated movement probably was a painful.

Clark tread water , submerged up to the bottom of his nose and watched Lex strip down the rest of the way. The bruises were the most colorful thing about him. Vivid splotches of color on otherwise uniformly pale skin. And it was nice skin, hairless, even in the places normal guys had hair. Smooth pits, smooth pelvic mound, but Clark had already had a glimpse of that. It made his genitals, hanging soft and only a degree pinker than the rest of his skin, seem really - - naked. More vulnerable, maybe, without that nest of hair most guys had to partition them off. Clark thought he wanted to touch him. Cup him in his hands and shift that softness around until it started to harden.

He drew a breath, blinking water spiked lashes at the impact of that unbidden thought. Wow - -just - - wow, this was coming at him fast and hard now that he'd acknowledged it - -this awareness of Lex.

Lex waded into the water, stopping about three steps in and letting out a breath of shock and complaining. "Its cold."

Clark wasn't much of a judge. It was just wet to him, and refreshing. If he were to guess from the foliage and the growth of the volunteer corn, it was late summer. The water couldn't have been that cold.

"Just take the plunge," he suggested, Though really, Clark was okay with the view. Lex standing there, long-legged and lean and naked was broadening his horizons. Clark had always allowed himself the admission that Lex wore clothing well - - that was a safe thing for one guy to acknowledge about another - - but underneath he was all long, clean lines and swimmer's musculature.

Lex tossed Clark a glare, took a few more steps in until he got deep enough to dive forward. He came up gasping, shoulder deep.


Clark grinned, holding his position out in the deeper part of the lake.

"The bottom feels like sludge between my toes," Lex remarked.

"God, you complain a lot," Clark said.

Lex blinked water out of his eyes and stared at Clark across the gently rippling water. He ducked under water again, came back up and lazily pushed himself in Clark's direction.

"There's a difference between a complaint and a statement of fact," Lex said, treading water now a few yards from Clark. "It is cold and the bottom does feel like sludge."

Clark drifted close enough to see the water spiking Lex's lashes. "Yeah, but it was your tone. I can tell a whine when I hear one."

Lex snorted softly. "Yes, you would be the reigning expert on whining."

Clark drifted closer, his leg brushing Lex's, smooth slide of skin under water. Lex's eyes were very blue, the pupil's large and dark. Clark only vaguely recalled the kissing back in the lean-to, the oral sex afterwards sort of dominating his memory of the incident. But it had been good. Better than he'd expected kissing a guy would be.

Clark bit his lip, focusing on Lex's mouth, the little scar on the upper lip, the bead of water clinging to the curve of the bottom one.

"God," Lex breathed. He pressed forward with a ripple of water and caught Clark by the sides of the face, covering his mouth. Clark moaned, sinking a few inches, opening his mouth to Lex's tongue, hands splayed on Lex's skin under the water, slick like wet silk.

Lex levered himself up, a knee around Clark's hips, while he tried to devour Clark's mouth, all those naked soft parts of him pressed tight against Clark's stomach, while Clark's not so soft parts were angling up, snug in the cleft of Lex's legs. Clark wasn't quite sure how he kept them from sinking under completely. He was submerged to his ears, Lex's weight pressing down on him, Lex's body slick and writhing against his. He dug his hands into Lex's ass, firm flesh that gave under his fingers. Lex groaned something into his mouth, his dick lengthening against Clark's belly, his heel digging into the back of Clark's thigh as he shifted position, trying to grind.

His dick slid up against Clark's and Clark saw stars. His control on buoyancy gave out and they sank. He didn't care, he could hold his breath indefinitely, and Lex writhing against him felt like some dirty version of heaven. He clutched Lex's ass and pressed him closer, positioning him where Clark wanted, grinding.

Lex yanked at his hair and Clark kicked them back to the surface, came up with Lex gasping for air, his mouth pink and wide.

"Sorry," Clark said, shaking wet hair from his eyes.

Lex gave him a wry look, hands on the sides of Clark's neck, body grazing his under the surface. "Trying to drown me?"

Clark laughed, his dick jutting up alongside Lex's. "I can think of so many better things to do to you?"

"Really?" Lex moved closer, his arms sliding across Clark's shoulders, until they were chest to chest, mouths a bare whisper apart. "And here I thought you were the poster boy for vanilla."

Lex sucked Clark's bottom lip into his mouth, teasing it with teeth and the flick of tongue. Clark shuddered, thinking Lex was pretty on base with that call. He'd never been particularly adventurous sexually. Part of that was fear of hurting his partner. Part of it was simply upbringing. It wasn't like the Kent household had been a hot bed for the encouragement of deviant thinking.

"Maybe," Clark mumbled against the side of Lex's neck. "But I think I can figure it out."

Lex laughed, curling a fist in Clark's hair and pulling his head back so he could meet his eyes. "You have no idea."

He slid a hand down between them, catching hold of Clark's dick and stroking. Clark threw his head back and gasped. Lex took advantage of his bared throat, kissing and sucking, sinking teeth in and God, it was probably meant to be rough - - to hurt a little - - but all it felt to Clark was amazing. Lex's grip got hard, his strokes tight and brutal, like he was testing Clark's limits, or trying to enforce upon him who was in control of who in this situation. Clark cried out, body clenching, and came, spurting into the water. Pulse after pulse as his balls emptied.

It was the second time Lex had made him come and he'd felt helpless and adrift afterwards. The second time Lex had held onto his upper hand with an iron fist while Clark had felt like a passenger on his ride. This wasn't going to be how it was between them. Clark refused to let precedent be set in stone.

He caught his breath, focused on Lex's eyes, dark blue with a faint glint of satisfaction, like he'd won something. Well, Lex wasn't the only one who knew how to masturbate. Clark was a master of masturbation He ought to be since he hadn't allowed himself the relief of actual sex that often.

He spun Lex around, his front to Lex's back, an arm around his waist to keep him close, the other closing around his dick. Lex's complaint stopped short as Clark clenched his fist gently, learning the feel of Lex. Slick, taut skin at the head, round and unhooded from the circumcism. It felt different than Clark's own dick. Slimmer in his hand, straight and long. Lex arched against him when he stroked, head against his shoulder, heart thudding, breath harsh. It was easy from this angle, almost like Clark was jerking himself off. Easy to slid a hand down and fondle Lex's nuts in their velvety sack, roll them in his hand, pinch the skin at the base and hear Lex make little gasping noises. Little choppy encouragements.

"Oh, fuck - - fuck - - yes - -"

He ran a thumb along the slit at the head, and Lex was apparently as sensitive as he was about that particular spot. Lex writhed against him, ass sliding against Clark's dick, which had never quite fully softened. It lodged in the crevice of Lex's ass, and everything sort of started going bright around the edges. Lex in his hand, Lex's fluttering stomach under his palm, Lex clenching around his dick. His body was making little short thrusts in time with his hand.

"Oh, God - - God - - " That was him, panting, seizing up, losing his grip on solid rational thought. Thrusting up, breaching a barrier, and Lex's back was arched like a bow, his neck corded as he gasped, one hand drawn back over Clark's shoulder tangled in Clark's hair, the other clawing at Clark's wrist around his waist.

Oh, fuck! Fuck - - Clark - - wait - - " he couldn't seem to get a full sentence out past his broken breath. Clark closed his fist over the head of his cock, pumped down to the base in one hard stroke, pulling Lex's body back against him with the motion.

His world exploded in sheer sensation, sheathed in tight, hot, throbbing flesh. Higher brain functions got routed by pure, animal instinct. He thrust, reveling in the friction, reveling in the death clasp Lex's body had on his dick as it tried to hold on to him on the outbound stroke, and tried to expel him on the inward one. Lex was shuddering, gasping as he moved, sputtering water as they floundered, Clark's attention focused firmly on fucking and not so firmly on keeping them afloat. He moved towards solid ground. Got his feet under him, and having traction made it so much better, made it easier to pump his fist around Lex while he plunged into him from behind.

And god, the way Lex felt made him crazy, taut and hard and straining against him, like he didn't know whether to thrust backwards, deeper onto Clark's dick or forward into the circle of his hand. All his words dried up, the only sounds he made the one's wrenched from his body as Clark moved.

The primal part of him, that part he'd never quite let come out with Lana, even when she'd had temporary possession of super powers, crowed, mine, mine, mine. The male part of him, the part that couldn't help but compete with another alpha male, the part that had been competing with Lex for a long time now, over so very many things, crowed a different sort of victory.

Lex cried out, body straining, clenching around Clark with a ripple of muscle that made his eyes roll back in his head. He was coming, pushed over the edgy by Lex's orgasm, Lex's body milking him for all he was worth , even as Lex pulsed and came in Clark's hand. Clark finished before Lex did and he stood there, feet braced in the muddy lake floor, holding on to Lex, slowly flexing his hand on the base of his dick, while he shuddered and ejaculated.

Lex groaned, low and soft when he'd spilled all he had to spill, his body going lax against Clark. Clark felt drained himself. Absolutely utterly wrung dry. He let himself fall backwards, into the embrace of water, floated there, on his back, with Lex draped over him while his thoughts started to sputter back to some semblance or normalcy.

He felt it the moment Lex started coming back to his own senses. Felt him stiffen, before he shoved at Clark's arms around him and rolled away, separating himself from Clark's softening dick with a weird little sensation of loss of warmth and comfort.

Lex gave him a look, reproach mixed with in dilated eyes and flushed cheeks. His nipples, visible under four inches of relatively clear water were pink and hard. There was very little about him, including the irritation in his eyes, that Clark didn't find really, really hot.

"I didn't plan that," Clark blurted, before Lex could call him on it. "It just happened. Did I hurt you?"

Lex opened his mouth, shut it after a second, and rolled his eyes. "It hurt like hell, thanks."

Clark widened his eyes, feeling a sudden onrush of guilt. Hurting Lex hadn't been his goal. Maybe repositioning himself on top of their little wrestling match - - but not hurting him.

Lex blew out a breath. "But you made up for it. We'll have a conversation about anal sex and the benefits of proper preparation. It'll be educational."

"Ah, god, I'm sorry. I sort of got carried - - it just sort of found its way in - - " he felt himself blushing.

Lex lifted brow. "Age old excuse."

Clark ducked under the water, stayed there for a few seconds, eyes closed, listening to the rush of blood in his ears, the thunderous sound of his own heartbeat, the echoing thud of Lex's.




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