TalithaX Weiss Kreuz FanFiction

- Forever Pure -

A routine mission has far ranging consequences for Yohji and Aya when it brings Weiss to the attention of the Ewigkeit corporation.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: YohjixAya (and... ah... Ken and Omi are a couple too, just, 'cos... well... they can be!)

Time Line: Set six months after the final showdown in Kapital.

-Paws For Farewells -

A light hearted, 'throw away' fic set months after the end of Forever Pure and narrated -- seriously -- by a cat.

Rating: G - (ignoring the odd use of the 'F' word

- Whatever It Takes -

For reasons that make perfect sense as far as he's concerned, Aya makes the decision to end his relationship with Yohji.

Pairing: Essentially, Yohji x Aya

Rating: R

Notes: Set sixteen months after Forever Pure and, give or take, four months after the events of Verbrechen ~ Strafe

- Of Memories, Prisms and Snowflakes -

It's Christmas time and, both unhappy and alone, Aya's reminiscing about happier times.

Pairing: Essentially, Yohji x Aya

Rating: G

Series/Sequel: Voller Kreis - fic 2.5... <sigh> Otherwise known as 'the spur of the moment fic that was never meant to be and that doesn't add a damn thing to the series at all...'

Notes: Set just a few days before that horrid, *horrid* final episode of Gluhen.

- A Life On Hold -

Yohji's life post-Gluhen and how, unexpectantly, it takes a somewhat surprising turn.

Pairing: Essentially, Yohji x Aya

Rating: PG-13. More, I suspect, for language than anything else.

Notes: Set a little over two years after 'Whatever It Takes' and give or take twelve months after the final episode of Gluhen. (Yeah, yeah. Jumping the bandwagon, but, c'mon, it just *has* to be done! <g>) Oh, and because I can and because, well, I'm somewhat obsessed by it, it kinda ends in Side B territory. While canon does mingle in with 'my' world, I'm pretty much just making it up as I go along and it's probably best if you keep this in mind.

- The Long Road Forward -

Finding themselves once again under the same roof, Aya and Yohji have a lot to come to terms with.

Pairing: Yohji x Aya (Aya/Chloë*)

Rating: NC-17 (to be on the safe side), angst, language

Notes: *Yes, I know '/' isn't used to denote pairings in yaoi but, to put it bluntly, as it's neither relevant nor mentioned in the story, I don't *care* who tops who, okay? Quite frankly, for all I care they could only do it on the cusp of a full moon while wearing their masks - to which, again, the relevance is zilch. <sigh> I don't mean for this to sound confrontational or anything as that's not my intent. All I want to is explain why I haven't used 'x' to denote my pairing up of Aya and Chloë. - While on the subject of Chloë, I've taken what little we know of his character and, basically, *modified* it for my own purposes. Actually, seeing as there's pretty much nothing known about Side B at all, I suppose it can be said that I've modified the whole set up / team to suit me.



This arc in still in progress, so look for more of TalithaX's wonderful work.


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