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07 May, 2018
Bishonenworks has a new site design. Its spiffy and modern and a lot cooler than the old one. Unforturnaly the yahoo groups updates will no longer work, but if you head to the new site there's a place to subscribe to new updates.

So please, head on over and check out the new digs.

PL Nunn
22 January, 2018
Just added Branded book 4 to the shopping cart.
22 August, 2017
I've just finished up my new original graphic novel/written work book - - Winter's Wraith.

You can get the downloadable version now at the bishonenworks shop.
16 August, 2017
Just updated my Bleach story,"Rebirth".

Check it out on the fiction page.
26 July, 2017
Chapter 4 of my Bleach fan fiction 'Rebirth' is up on the fiction page.
17 July, 2017
Just updated 'Rebith"

Chapter 3 is now up on the fiction page.

Also, in the in progress work news. I've finished all the inks and dialogue on two new books. Branded 4 and a new original Pirate themed graphic novel/written word work called "Winter's Wraith." Just need to finish up on the coloring and shading.

09 July, 2017
Chapter 2 of my Bleach fiction, 'Rebirth" is up on the fiction page.
20 June, 2017
Added the first two parts of my new Bleach fiction, 'Rebirth'

Its up at the fiction page now.
23 May, 2017
I've added some new art to the gallery.

A few thinning veil illustrations and an original piece.
17 May, 2017
The new Naruto yaoi Doujinshi is now up at the shop and available in both PDF and hard copy format. (The hard copys are on their way from the printer now and should be here in about a week. They're really nice perfect bound professionaly done books.)

Check it out here:
16 May, 2017
I've got a few new pictures in the new artwork gallery. Two Bleach illustrations from my in progress Bleach fiction.

Also, just finished up my next yaoi doujinshi tonighy. This one is Naruto. A Naruto x Sasuke book.

I'll have perfect bound hard copies as well as PDF downloadable files. I'll put it up in the shop tomorrow night.

Now that I've finished that, i'll get back to work on Branded book 4. I'm 23 inked pages into that.
17 April, 2017
I'm into two new (well new for me) anime now. Bleach and Naruto Shippoden.

And as these things go, creativity has been sparked. I'm finishing up a Naruto x Sasuke doujinshi now and am working on a Bleach fan fiction.

In the meanwhile, here's a little Bleach art.
17 February, 2017
Just an update on my current projects.

I just finished the 100th page of Branded. Am 6 pages in to book 4.

Also, after discovering Naruto Shippuden, which I never had any interest in watching before, I sort of fell in love with the whole emo angst of Sasuke and Narutos determination to save him from himself. So, as these things go I am working on a yaoi Naruto doujinshi as well.

Also, as if I did not have enough things to keep me busy, I am trying to get back into writing mode and rereading the last few chapters of The Thinning Veil to take that up again. I hit a point almost at the end of the story where my muses got distracted by other things. Typical.

08 February, 2017
I have a new yaoi doujinshi up at the Bishonenworks shop.

A Yaoi D-Gray Man Allen X Kanda set of books.

You can either get books in paper form in two books, or both books combined in PDF format.

Check them out at the cart.

22 January, 2017
I have all 55 pages of my D-Gray Man yaoi doujinshi inked with dialogue in, and am just finishing up on the shading. So this one should be available within the next few weeks.

After that, I will start on the inking of Branded book 4. About a quarter of the pencils are done on that,so I have a head start when I do begin work on it.
21 December, 2016
Branded # 3 has just been released.

Check it out at the shop.
05 December, 2016
Just a little update on ongoing projects.

I've got three pages to finish coloring and the cover to do to finish up Branded # 3.

I'm also working on a D-Gray Man yaoi doujinshi.

I'll also have A new Warren collection book out soon. Just need to do cover art an that'll be finished.

All in all a productive month.

24 November, 2016
I have added a few images to the new art gallery.

I have been binge watching anime recently and am fangirling hard over Kanda from D-Gray man. So a little art has resulted.

check it out at the Gallery.
02 November, 2016
I came across a comic book page i did when I was in my Smallville phase.
28 October, 2016
Weekly update.

I am working on chapter 16 of The Thinning Veil.

Trying hard to pin down my magic mythology which keeps changing on me as new story ideas occur. I seriously need to go back and rewrite a few parts to make it more cohesive. There is nothing worse than contradicting yourself with some law of magic 75 thousand words later and not catching it.

I have got all of the third book of Branded penciled and inked and am now about a third of the way through coloring the pages.

That book should be finished in about a month at the rate I am speeding along.
22 October, 2016
I've added the first graphic novel adaptation for my upcoming new novel 'The Thinning Veil' to the shop.

A 43 page full color introduction to the world and characters of the kingdom of Genoth and Sekk and the mysterious o'fey who cross the veil between realms.
14 October, 2016
Here is what I am working on now.

I am presently up to chapter 16 of The Thinning Veil

I am working on a comic book adaptation of The Thinning Veil, mostly because creating art for stories helps me envision scenes and settings and I enjoy it greatly.

Also, I am working on book three of Branded.
14 October, 2016
finally,after what seems forever, I've finished book two of Branded. This one was a long time coming, but I've been working every spare hour on getting this done after a bout of re-inspiration.

If you've read the first Branded book, you know the vein of this series.

Series non-con and Torture-porn. So be warned and if you're faint of heart, this one is not for you.

Check it out at the shop.
18 July, 2016
Updated The Thinning Veil
08 July, 2016
I've posted a new chapter of The Thinning Veil.

Also here's a illustration from Chapter 4 of Gavin.
01 July, 2016
I've just added the next new chapter to my new original fiction, 'the Thinning Veil'.

Check it out here.
18 June, 2016
Chapter 3 of The thinning Veil is up a the fiction page.
15 June, 2016
I've got the second chapter of "The thinning Veil" up at the fiction page.
14 June, 2016
I've got a new original fiction that I've started posting tonight. This one is set in a fantasy kingdom with disputed borders, tribal savages on the one side and scheming magickers on the other.

Check out chapter one of 'The Thinning Veil" at the fiction page.
19 May, 2016
I've just finished my first Bishonenworks adult coloring book. A nice little collection of pretty boys and a few girls to vent your creative passions.

you can get it from

Check it out.


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