What is BishonenWorks, do you ask?

Well, it used to be the Four Lords of Havoc, until the page became so diverse that it no longer qualified as merely a Bastard!! page.

I no longer cater to merely a few scrumptious anime wizards, I have all sorts of beautiful boys, the occasional nubile young woman, diverse manga and Doujinshi,and a great deal of fiction.

So if you're looking for Bastard, then come on in. He's here. If you're looking for The Ronin Warriors, or a little slice of Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing or avariety of others, then you're in the right place. If you're on the prowl for some steamy shounen-ai and yaoi fiction and art. Then watchout. It's here. if you're not, then that's okay, too, because I've got something for everyone. There is also a variety of my own original fiction and art, as well as English language Yaoi doujinshi and original graphic novels and art for sale.

If you are at all adverse to homoerotic scenes or scenarios, or are under the legal aget o view such material, then you definitely want to steer clear of the areas and the fiction marked "Yaoi".


Take the tour, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

P.L. Nunn


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