Just a bit of crack to facilitate my non-con fetish. I do love character abuse and Lex suffers so beautifully. I’m taking my Bizzaro from SV instead of Comic book cannon where he’s more of an inarticulate ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ than the sort of cooler than Clark version we see in “Phantom”. I’m also taking other liberties, (for instance the names of Lex’s henchman and the doctor running project Ares, which I can’t ever recall hearing) but hey, I write it as my fevered little brain pictures it.
Spoiler’s for ‘Phantom’. Bizzaro’s on the loose and looking for Clark. He uses Lex against Lionel to set up a meet, which turns out rather badly for Lex

Fandoms: SmallvillePairings: Bizarro Clark x LexRating: NC-17Rating Details: yaoi/shounen-aiWarning: m/mWarning: non-con

Chapters: 1