Obsessions: 7

Clark could breathe again. That weight in his chest that had been trying to drown him had started to lighten and he felt good. Giddy almost after he left the Talon and Lex.

Lex. Who overwhelmed him with his forgiveness. Who overwhelmed him with the way he kissed, the way he smelled, the strong grip of his hand, the feel of his body, long and hard and male.

Male. And Lex made that okay, too. Made the idea that he liked guys not so much of a terrible thing. Not if the guy was Lex. And liked seemed like too regular a word to describe how he felt about Lex – – especially now – – so he toyed with the idea of love. He’d thought he loved Lana; thought he’d known what it felt like, longing for her and moping when she didn’t notice him, and dreaming about how nice it would be if she were on his arm, saving her smiles just for him.

What Lex made him feel made all those Lana emotions seem wan and colorless. Lex made him vibrate. Lex made him want to die when he’d thought he might hate him forever. Made him soar when he forgave him. Made him hard all the time, just thinking about him. He made Clark smarter just being around him. Made him expand his horizons. Made him furious. Made him happy. Deliriously so, this afternoon.

He smiled just thinking about it, standing buck naked in the creek that ran through the woods beyond the south field, wringing his shirt out for the second time, just to make sure there were no telling stains for his mom to question. His jeans and boxers were hanging over a limb, already scrubbed free of evidence. And there’d been a lot, and no matter his burgeoning acceptance of the fact that he liked guys, it was entirely embarrassing to discover he’d had that much come spattered all over him. And most of it had been his. He was pretty sure he’d never come so hard or so much in his entire life. Maybe it had built up from a whole week of not, when he’d been too miserable and ashamed to even want to touch himself, much less masturbate. Not even when he’d had those disturbing twitches in his jeans after he’d think too long or in too much detail about what he’d done to Lex while on the red rock.

He figured Lex hadn’t been much better off. Clark had run back inside the Talon at super speed and snatched Lex’s coat, with its car keys and phone in the pocket, off the back of his chair. After which display Lex had given him this dry, speculative look that promised to examine the subject of Clark’s powers at a future date. Then they’d both escaped out the theater fire exit, Lex heading for his car, Clark heading home, after impulsively snagging Lex’s arm and kissing him one last time, there in the alley between the Talon and the baker next door.

Which Lex had returned wholeheartedly before he got control of himself and pushed Clark back, giving him this wry little half smile that you could see more in his eyes than his mouth, before shaking his head and continuing towards the street and his car.

Clark tugged on wet clothing, then ran around really fast to dry it off before ending up on the back porch, almost exactly the moment his mom was opening it to walk out.

“Where have you been?” she scolded before the dust of his passage down the drive had really had the chance to settle. “I told you to come right home after school. After what happened Saturday we were worried sick. Jonathan, he’s home!”

She called over her shoulder into the house.

She had mentioned something about him coming straight home this morning when he’d left for school, now that she mentioned it, and he’d conveniently forgotten, very much wrapped up in his other agenda.

His dad came out of the kitchen while Clark was trying to think up an explanation on the fly and added his two cents.

“Clark, if you can’t see fit to listen to us when we tell you something for your own good, there might be a grounding coming.”

Clark opened his mouth, ready to complain about the injustice of that, because how he was ever supposed to catch the person that had shot at him if he was stuck at home and not out and about to lure him out and besides, being grounded would put a serious crimp in his Lex-related plans.

“You haven’t grounded me since I was twelve,” Clark pointed out.

“You haven’t done anything to warrant it since then,” his dad shot back with the sort of tone that said Clark was pushing it. Clark bit back the retort that it wasn’t warranted now, because they’d been just fine with him tackling worse things than somebody with a gun and a grudge, and that this was because his dad was still upset over the red meteor incident. What he said instead was, “Lana asked me to ride into town with her and stop by the Talon. It’s the first time she’s gone out of her way to talk to me all week and I couldn’t not.”

“Lana?” His dad’s eyebrows shot up. Clark could see the gears working behind his eyes, connecting the dots between Lana and a straight son. “Well – – well,” His dad cast a glance at his mom, who pursed her lips and looked like she knew exactly what was running through his dad’s head. “Can’t fault the boy for trying to smooth things over with his friends, now can we, Martha?”

His mom shook her head and shooed them both back into the kitchen. After the shooting, the tension between his parents had eased and it was a relief to see them in the same room together without her snapping at him.

“Nothing unusual happened today?” she asked.

“Nope.” Clark got a cold soda out of the fridge trying very hard not to think of the entirely unusual thing that had happened.

“Just because whoever it was hasn’t tried again, doesn’t mean he isn’t still out there,” his dad warned. “Don’t let your guard down, son.”

“I won’t.”

Lex called Lana on the way back to the mansion, and told her something had come up unexpectedly – – rolled his eyes at the unintended double entendre – – and asked her to stash his laptop and paperwork behind the counter.

This thing he was embarking on was going to get complicated fast. People in small towns only missed the things they wanted to miss and sooner or later the shit was going to hit the fan. Which didn’t mean he wasn’t invested. Going up to Clark after this and saying ‘sorry, this was a mistake, we won’t be doing that anymore,’ would hold about as much validity as him making the decision in the theater that this wasn’t happening and then promptly initiating it himself.

He really was lost when he couldn’t follow the screaming voice of his own good sense and keep his hands off the sixteen year old that was about to lead him down the path to self-destruction. Of course, Lex’s good sense in matters such as these was a pretty stunted, under utilized thing, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that he was able to block it out.

But then, he always had that fall back defense of parading Clark in front of judge and jury and having them simply look at him, and posing the question of how anybody with a pulse could deny that he hadn’t been worth the risk.

And then there was the other part of his brain that was furiously plotting how soon he could arrange to get Clark alone someplace private and suitable for extended exploration. Which left a tiny corner to mull over Clark’s fascinating abilities, and the promised revelation of more secrets.

All in all he was very much preoccupied when he walked into the mansion. He was headed upstairs to shower and change when his father’s newest assistant hailed him halfway up and informed him that his father would like to see him.

Never a good thing. And at almost twenty-two he still couldn’t shake the habit of furiously cataloguing the list of possible offenses that his father might have discovered and was about to call him on. There was no way in hell Lionel could have found out about the most recent one. Not this quickly, unless he had spies planted at the Talon. Which was Lex’s paranoia getting away with him.

“Thanks,” he told her over his shoulder, and kept on upstairs. His father could damned well wait until Lex had showered and changed into clothing not crusty with dried ejaculate.

He tossed his soiled clothing in the hamper, not even sure if dry cleaning would erase these particular stains. Found the little crudely molded capsule that Clark had presented him with in the pants pocket. He’d forgotten he’d pocketed it. He opened it again, half sliding the fragment of green rock onto his palm. Shook his head, trying to figure out Clark’s thought processes when he’d come up with the idea of offering up a way to hurt him. Was offended almost that he’d thought Lex would take him up on it.

He put the shard back in and laid the capsule on his dresser and headed for the shower.

He took his time getting back downstairs, stopped by his temporary office and downed a finger’s worth of scotch, and then sauntered into the study. Lionel was on the couch, a snifter of brandy in hand, dark glasses in place, dictating to the little brunette who’d replaced his last pretty blonde assistant.

“You wanted to see me, Dad?” Lex couldn’t keep all the derision out of his voice. His guilt complex was fast fading in favor of the frustration of being reduced to a guest in his own house. He’d been too distracted this last week to make an issue of it, but the resentment was starting to curdle.

Lionel waved a hand at his assistant. “That will be all, Kari. We’ll take this up again tomorrow.”

“Sir,” she nodded, closing up her book, rising and quietly retreating from the study.

Lionel felt for his cane, used it to tap a folder sitting on the coffee table. Lex reached down, picked it up and opened it to a photograph of a man.

“Do you recognize this man?” Lionel asked.

“Should I?” Lex looked again. Non-descript features, close cropped hair, maybe mid to late forties. Hard eyes. Nothing about the face struck a chord.

Lionel sat back, expression unreadable. “He was your bodyguard for close to eight years.”

Lex snorted, disbelieving, then broke it off, stared back at the photo, then to his father. “I never had a bodyguard.”

Lionel laughed. “I’m afraid you did, son.”

Lex tossed the folder down. “How is it even possible – -?”

“He was very good at what he did. Which was operating in the shadows.”

Lex threw out his hands, stalked half way across the room, then back, trying to wrap his mind around the notion that his father had had him shadowed for years without him having a clue.

“Why? Were there that many threats to me? And why keep it from me? What the fuck?”

“Calm down Lex. You’ve just answered your last question. You never did take well to people hovering around you. You still don’t; the pitiful excuse for security and household staff you keep, living proof. And yes, there were threats. There were competitors of mine that were willing to use you against me. There were attempts made, that Mr. Decker dealt with. The children of wealth are never entirely secure. There were other issues.”

None of which Lex had ever been made aware of. Which made him short of breath and indignant.

“Why bring it up now?” he asked through clenched teeth.

His father took a long sip of brandy. ” I’d known when I contracted his services that he had certain – – instabilities – – but his record of loyalty to his employers was unimpeachable. He served LuthorCorp interests faithfully for over ten years. Was fiercely dogged in his devotion to the job. To you.”

“Get to the point,” Lex snapped, tired of his father’s circumlocution.

“I had to let Mr. Decker go. Forcefully; after certain incidents were brought to my attention suggesting that his devotion to you had turned into a somewhat – – ah – – unhealthy obsession.”

Lex stood at the end of the couch staring down at his father, turning the implications of that over in his head. “What incidents?”

Lionel shrugged. “He started taking his duties a bit too seriously. I don’t suppose you noticed, while you were sowing your seeds when you were supposed to be concentrating on a college education, that certain of your ‘suppliers’ disappeared. That you failed to ever see again a few of your less than savory sexual partners?”

Lex shut his mouth, a shiver of cold going through him that set goose pimples rippling across his skin. He made the connection and it was frightening. “You think he’s the one that killed Desiree and the others?”

“I tried to have him incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, but he was declared unfit for trail and institutionalized instead. The army seemed to think he might be better neutralized if heavily medicated. It appears that was a faulty estimation. He escaped six months ago.”

“Jesus, Dad. It didn’t occur to you to mention any of this to me earlier?” He felt sick. He tried to remember that sea of faces from his clubbing days, those dealers, not all of them high end, that he’d used to score his recreational pharmaceuticals. Those hook ups that had never meant a damned thing other than a quick way to get off, if the drugs didn’t do the trick. God, he’d been a fool back then. So damned desperate to feel that he’d gone through people and drugs like they were disposable commodities.

“It didn’t occur to me that it was an issue, until you mentioned the recent string of murders. Yet another excellent reason why you should have round the clock security in the house.”

Lex blew out a breath of air through his teeth. Topped off a snifter of brandy from the decanter his father had on the coffee table, and sat down on the couch across from him. Damned if he’d have the house crawling with security, but he supposed more than the one he periodically employed wouldn’t hurt. It would fuck with his Clark-related plans though.

He shut his eyes, taking a moment to get his emotions under control. Took a long swig of brandy and said.

“Details. I want the details, dad.”

Lionel smiled thinly. “You won’t like them. From what I understand from the psychiatrist’s reports his – – ah – – fantasies regarding you were very dark and very disturbing. Held at bay it seems while you were his charge. Once his services were terminated, apparently those inhibitions ceased to exist.”

It was almost laughable, in a painfully ironic sort of way.

“If you’d like the detailed reports of his sessions, I’ll have them sent over, but I rather think you’d sleep better if you took my word for it. Increasing your security might also lend for more peace of mind.”

Because increased security was all he needed when he was trying to carry on an illicit affair with an under aged boy.

“I’ll think about it.”

Fuck. Just – – fuck.

Decker had been sitting there, with a coffee and a paper, close enough almost to reach out and touch, when the boy had come in and approached Lex.

He’d seen the kid offer Lex the little pill bottle sized lead container, heard the snippets of their quiet conversation. He hadn’t been able to see what was inside the little capsule from his angle, but if there was a way to penetrate the boy’s skin, he needed to find it.

He hadn’t followed them into the theater, but had stood outside the doors long enough to hear what the kid said about ‘making him bleed’, before one of the waitresses started giving him curious looks and he’d had to move away or attract more attention than he wanted. They hadn’t come back out the front way, but considering what he knew of Lex, and considering that sex had already been involved, he could speculate what they might be up to. Speculate about the dirty things Lex was letting that kid do to him.

He’d sat and sipped his coffee, while the voices at the back of his head frothed in rage at what Lex was about. His fingers were so tense on the ceramic cup the handle threatened to break. One of the coffee house girls, the pretty one that often talked with Lex, came and offered to refill his mug, and all he could see when he looked at her was all the tender kill spots on her soft, soft body.

He made a calculated assumption that Lex still had the capsule and Decker felt a thrill of anticipation at the prospect of retrieving it.

He went to the house he’d appropriated, twenty miles outside Smallville town limits, with its fresh grave in the backyard, housing the old man who’d lived there. It was a good house, with a windowless basement that he’d already begun to outfit for his needs. A defendable house with a good vantage. A sniper could take out approaching hostiles at a thousand yards in any direction. A mile off the road, down a private dirt track with nothing but sallow fields and woods surrounding it.

He outfitted himself for a night infiltration, night vision goggles, black camouflage, serrated bowie on his belt, a Mk 23, his handgun of choice from his special ops days. Waited outside the walls of the Luthor Estate until the house was dark, then scaled the fence and headed through the rear gardens, where the hedges and rose gardens provided plentiful cover. He had an easy way in. A ground floor window that he had subtly disabled, rerouting the electrical contacts so that no alarm would trigger, and no diligent security guard would ever take note of the interrupted connection.

He slipped inside, destination clear in mind. The house was pitch, darker than the night outside and he slipped the night goggles over his eyes. Moved through the house silent as death, and still, as he passed the open doors of the grand study, the room that Lionel Luthor had moved in and taken from his son, a voice called out.

“Who’s there? Lex?”

Decker froze, not even breathing for a moment, then he slowly turned his head and pinpointed the old man, Lionel Luthor himself, sitting in the dark, a glass of something in his hand. Silently, Decker slid the bowie from its sheath, figuring he could take the old man out before he could utter a cry, if he hurled the knife.

But Luthor was simply setting there, a crinkle between his brows, blind eyes flicking aimlessly in the dark. This man had betrayed him. This man had terminated his services dishonorably. But slicing his throat now would needlessly complicate Decker’s schedule. It would put Lex on high alert, possibly drive him out of the house altogether and back to the city. And that he couldn’t have.

Lionel turned back to his drink, deciding apparently that he’d been mistaken. Decker moved on, slow and silent, until he was well past the sensitized hearing of a blind man.

Up the stairs to the wing that housed Lex’s bedroom. The layout of this house was imprinted on his mind. He’d been in Lex’s bedroom before, inhaled the scent of him on the sheets, browsed his expansive closet, filled with more clothing than any one man needed. Taken a few things here and there that he’d need later. He’d never been in this room when Lex was in residence.

His presence was a heady tingle across Decker’s skin. The soft sound of his breathing the only sound in the room. Decker slipped closer, he couldn’t not, mission or no, and stared down, the night vision goggles turning everything murky green.

Lex was naked down to the point where the sheets tangled around his waist, smooth and sleek. Small flat nipples only a shade or two darker than his skin. Hairless. Everywhere. Decker had seen that too, in his position of watcher over the years. It made his cock hard in his pants thinking about it. Made it throb in anticipation of running his hands over that silken flesh. Of penetrating it.

He wondered if Lex were naked under the sheets as well.

He was a deep sleeper, one more thing Decker knew about him, and he might not stir at all if he drew the sheets down to find out. But if he did stir, then of necessity, he’d have to take him now. And Decker hadn’t reached that state of mind yet, that place where his control was strong enough to keep from inadvertently killing him to risk it. He would be soon. Very soon.

He tore his eyes away, and started searching for the capsule. The pockets of the clothing he’d been wearing, maybe. But luck was with him, and as he passed the dresser, he saw it, casually discarded on a tray with cell phone and watch.

Decker picked it up, slipped it into the pocket on the leg of his pants. He took one more look at Lex, who hadn’t so much as shifted since he’d been here, then retreated, mission complete.

“Oh my God, it’s a smile,” Chloe gasped when she caught Clark in the act by the lockers at school Tuesday morning. “That most elusive and rare sighting of late, on this particular species of farm boy.”

Clark rolled his eyes, but she was grinning and he was feeling really, really good, so he shrugged and grinned back. “Its just a nice day, is all.”

“Uh huh,” she leaned against the locker next to his while he shuffled books. “As opposed to a couple of days ago when you were the poster boy for teenage angst?”

He shrugged again, not having an explanation he was willing to share with her for the change in mood.

They walked together to biology, and as they walked in, he noticed Pete, at his new seat in the back giving him a narrow eyed glare. A change from the last week when he’d been avoiding looking at Clark at all. Before he could try and decipher it, the teacher cut the lights and started up the old projector and ‘My Immune system’ flickered to life on the chalkboard movie screen.

He didn’t see Pete again until lunch, and by that time, he’d decided he was fed up with Pete holding a grudge against him for no good reason. Pete hadn’t been upset this long after Clark had told him he was an alien, for God’s sake. It was just unfair.

So, before Pete could get into the lunch line, Clark stalked up to him and demanded. “What’s your problem?”

Pete glared up at him, lips tight, left eye twitching a little like it did whenever he was really upset.

“Does your dad know you’re still talking to Lex?” Pete finally hissed.

Clark blinked, not expecting that and it gave Pete the opening to add. “I saw you at the Talon yesterday.”

Which statement made Clark’s heart momentarily bounce right up into his throat, before common sense said that Pete was probably talking ‘seen’ in the actual coffee house and not ‘seen’ a little later in the dark theater.

“What do you care?” Clark asked defensively. “You haven’t talked to me all week.”

“Your dad told you not to get anywhere near him again,” Pete retorted and it hit Clark that for Pete to know that, Pete had to have talked to his dad at least once since the day they’d pulled him off Lex. It pissed him off that Pete could speak to his dad, but not to him.

He caught Pete’s arm and hauled him out into the hall, away from the crowded lunchroom. Pete pulled against it for a moment, before giving in and stomping along with Clark down to the doors leading out to track and field.

“It’s my business who I talk to. And I haven’t done anything to you so the only reason I can figure that you’re being such a prick is that you think I like guys.”

“Do you?” Pete shot back.

Clark squared his shoulders, breathing hard. Admitting to himself and admitting it to Lex had been hard enough. Admitting it to Pete who was obviously prejudiced was another thing altogether.

“What if I did? Would it matter more than me telling you I’m not – – from Kansas?”

Pete glowered, angry, but Clark caught a glimmer of hurt beneath it, like Clark had betrayed him personally.

“Its not like I ever scoped you out,” Clark muttered.

“Oh, God,” Pete rolled his eyes, looking spooked and just out of his depths and pissed off because of it.

“You were perfectly normal before he came here,” Pete accused, just having to bring Lex into it.

“Yeah, right. Perfectly normal.”

“You know what I mean,” Pete groused.

“It’s not his fault.” Though come to think of it, it wasn’t like he’d ever thought about any other guys before Lex started slinking around Smallville, so maybe, at some really basic level Lex had had a hand in triggering it. If such a thing could be triggered. Who knew, maybe it was just his own alien biology – – some coming of age thing for his species finally revving into high gear.

Clark stared levelly at Pete. “If you want to run and tell my dad you saw me talking to Lex – – you do what you have to do. But what you think and what Dad thinks isn’t gonna change how I feel. I’m sorry you can’t deal. I’m really sorry.” Clark’s chin trembled a little at that, because it hurt thinking about it, much less saying it. “But I wish you could get around it, ’cause I sort of miss you.”

Pete glowered at him, eyes big and dark and probably not much more miserable than Clark’s. “Now you just sound like a damned girl,” Pete muttered and gave Clark another resentful look, spun on his heels and headed back down the hall towards the lunchroom. “And you made me miss half my lunch break.”

Clark stood there a moment, not knowing exactly how to take that. When he got back to the lunchroom, Pete was sitting with the guys he’d been eating with for the past week or so, but he looked up and gave Clark a grudging little nod. Clark nodded back, feeling better, cafeteria Sloppy Joes, suddenly having an appeal they hadn’t a few minutes before.

After school, he walked out to the student parking lot with Chloe. He had an ulterior motive. He’d been thinking during the seemingly never ending 45 minutes of last period, of just how badly he needed a cell. His dad was of a mind that cells phone were a luxury the family didn’t need, just like the air conditioning his mother so badly wanted and cable TV. Clark was dealing with a dial up internet connection for God’s sake. But they’d told him, if he paid for the plan himself, he could get one. He’d just been saving half the summer for the damned school ring, and contributing a portion of his summer job earnings to the family pot, since times were lean.

He was regretting not having it now, when he was trying to figure out how to get in touch with Lex, since stopping by the mansion was sort of problematic.

Chloe had a car and a cell phone, which Clark wasn’t jealous of, darn it. And she had no idea about any of the stuff that had been going on, so she was safe. Or safer at least, because he had to take into account her chronic inquisitiveness.

Still, he was desperate, and he really, really didn’t want to go the Talon and hang around all afternoon on the off chance that Lex might show up. The fact that it had been close to twenty-four hours since Clark had talked him was making him antsy.

“Can I use your phone for a minute, Chloe?”

She gave him a good-natured lift of the brow as they walked out with the happy migration of liberated students headed for buses and bike racks and cars. “You know, everybody in the city has a phone. I had my first cell when I was eight.”

But she handed over her little pink cell phone anyway.

He walked a little ways away from her and dialed Lex’s cell number. Just when Clark thought it was going to go to voice mail, Lex picked up.


“Uh, no. It’s me.”

There was a pause on the other end and he wondered where Lex was and what he was doing. He kept himself from asking.

“Clark.” Lex finally said, low voiced, as if maybe he’d walked a ways to distance himself from other people overhearing the conversation.

“So I was wondering,” Clark said, since Lex didn’t jump in to fill the void. “If you were up to anything this afternoon?”

A soft exhalation of breath on the other end of the line. Another pause. Then, “I was thinking of taking a drive.”

“Really?” Clark’s heart starting pattering in his chest. Something low in his belly quivered and he clenched the fist not holding the phone preying to God that he didn’t get a hard on then and there. There hadn’t been a hint of insinuation in Lex’s voice, but Clark knew. He knew. “Where? When?”

Another pause, shorter this time and he could imagine Lex looking at his watch, maybe doing a little mental calculation. “The covered bridge off route 14. Quarter to five.”

“Yeah,” Clark said a little breathlessly. “That sounds like a great place for a drive.”

“All right, then.” And Lex cut the connection.

Clark shut his eyes, tried to get his breathing under control, and glanced over his shoulder at Chloe, who was staring at him with unconcealed curiosity.

“One more call,” he said and dialed home and this time with a lie on his lips that he hated voicing. But he had to. “Hey, mom. I’m heading into town after school. Gonna hang out at the Talon. Maybe go the bookstore.”

She worried about the person gunning for him. And he countered the concern with a whispered, “The sooner I catch him, the sooner you can stop worrying. Love you, mom. I’ll be home before dark.”

He handed the phone back to Chloe and she stuffed it into her bag. “You want a ride into town?”

“Ah, no. I’ll take the bus.”

“Right. Lana rides the bus.” She gave him an arched brow. “Glad to see things are getting back to normal.”

He shrugged and hoped to god she didn’t decide to stop by the Talon herself, but then she’d mentioned a project due tomorrow that she needed to spend the afternoon working on. The problem with lies, as he knew very well, was that they tended to get out of hand the more people you told them to.

Lex made good time. He made it from the plant to the bridge out route 14 in twenty minutes, which put him five ahead of schedule. Clark was already there. Sitting on the wooden rail over the little creek, feet dangling over the water. He’d probably been here within minutes of Lex hanging up – – and he had to get Clark a phone of his own, because borrowing his friends to make assignations was going to lead to trouble. Something his parents couldn’t trace back to Lex, because if they’d had issues before with him trying to give Clark gifts, they’d go ballistic now.

“You ran here?” he asked when Clark hopped off his railing and walked over.

Clark grinned. “Told you I could make any car you own eat my dust.”

Lex smiled thinly, offended on behalf of his automobiles. He jerked his head towards the passenger seat. “Hop in.”

Clark did and Lex pulled back onto 14, heading west. He was on edge, feeling wired and over caffeinated without a drop consumed. The risk issue was a concern, certainly, but it was more than that. He’d been taut strung all day, mind flitting from all the disturbing details his father had shared last night about the possibility of being stalked by a crazed ex-Seal with an unhealthy fixation, to thoughts of Clark. The content of those highly distracting and entirely inappropriate when he was trying to deal with the unsnarling of government red tape.

He’d had that follow up with the EPA today and he’d absorbed about half of what had been said. Thankfully Gabe Sullivan had been in on that meeting, and had been paying attention. When he’d gotten that call from Chloe’s phone, the man had been literally standing at his shoulder.

As soon as he’d heard Clark’s voice, his focus had gone narrow and his breathing shallow and it had been a struggle to think past anything but getting Clark alone and naked someplace. It was disconcerting when he thought about it. How utterly Clark affected him. He’d had no shortage of lovers – – if you could call most of them that. A lot of one night stands that he never saw again, a few acquaintances that he made return trips to bed with. The occasional fuck that came with an ulterior motive – – on both sides – – that he’d slept with regularly. Victoria had probably been the longest pseudo relationship he’d ever had. And she hadn’t engendered a lot of deep thought or anticipation over the prospect of their next encounter. Other than the discovery that she’d been sleeping with his father – – which hurt on levels that had no thing to do with any feelings or lack of that he’d had for her – – he hadn’t been particularly upset to see her go. But then, Clark managed to find his way over practically every day afterward, exhibiting this not subtle at all concern for Lex and a failed relationship. Lex hadn’t told him about the Lionel part, but he’d shared the rest.

To a fifteen year old. Like he was some 34th Avenue confidant who’d understand the intricacies of corporate backstabbing. It hadn’t really mattered, because talking to Clark – – having Clark sitting there with those big empathetic eyes just listening to him, had offered a sort of therapy he’d never had before.

“You okay?”

Clark was staring at him warily, a little concerned and Lex realized he was ten miles down route 14 from the bridge and hadn’t said a word.

“Fine. How was school?”

Clark gave him a dubious cant of the head and flicked his eyes to Lex’s hands on the wheel. “Your hands are shaking.”

They were. Hell, his whole body was. God, what was Clark doing to him? He was half hard and he hadn’t even noticed it was happening. He clenched his fingers around the steering wheel.

“The EPA was back again today. It’s like pulling teeth dealing with the anal retentive prick of an inspector.”

“Hmm. Where are we going? When are we going to get there?”

He glanced at Clark again, who was still looking at him, green eyes intent, pink tongue darting out to moisten his lips. Lips that would hopefully be wrapped around his cock in short order. God, please.

Lex looked back at the road, drawing a deep breath.

His destination was just up ahead, a big track of land, mostly cleared, save for a thatch of woods behind it, months ago, in preparation for construction that the lull in the housing economy had stalled. There was a big sign that read ‘Future home of Maplethorpe estates: A Luthorcorp project’.

The old plantation style manor was still standing, down the end on the original drive. The plans had been to leave it as the centerpiece of the project, since the Maplethorpes had been one of the county’s original families.

“Oh, yeah,” Clark remarked as Lex turned into the drive. “Mrs. Maplethorpe’s kids sold the place after she died.”

“My father made an offer they couldn’t refuse.”

“My dad says he saw it coming, them selling out, and that local gentry isn’t much better than implanted when it comes to younger generation loyalties.”

Lex snorted, sensing a stab at him from Jonathan Kent in there somewhere. “Your father is like the soothsayer of Lowell County.”

Clark snickered. “You have the keys?”

“I wasn’t planning on breaking in.” Lex had remembered this stalled project in fact, last night, and stopped by the developer’s office this morning and picked up a set of keys.

Clark followed him onto the colonnaded porch, stood at a respectful distance as Lex figured out which key was the one that went to the front door. Inside it was musty and dappled with afternoon light coming in through tall windows. There was a grand foyer, with what he supposed were his and her parlors on either side, both of them filled with sheet-shrouded furniture.

“Its supposed to be fully furnished – -” Was as far as he got, before Clark caught his face and kissed him.

It was all down hill from there. Coherent thought a lost cause, drowned by sex drive and hormones. He wanted to climb up Clark and devour him, to pull off his clothing and get his hands on every square inch. But he couldn’t seem to get past the mouth. The hot, wet, unbelievably soft mouth. He wasn’t even sure how they got from the foyer to one of the parlors, or when Clark had managed to shed his t-shirt, and God his skin was hot and smooth, and muscles flexed and twitched under Lex’s hands as he dragged fingers down Clark’s back.

His went down on one of the sheet covered couches and Clark was half on top of him, trying to suck Lex’s tongue into his mouth, hands raking up Lex’s sides under his shirt. They slid around to the small of his back, and lifted him up, grinding his over sensitized crotch against Clark’s hard belly.

He groaned, throwing his head back and breaking the kiss. Clark shuddered, staring at him with dilated eyes, wet mouth parted, silky hair a tousled mess. God, he was beautiful.

“Can I – -?” Clark asked breathlessly. “Do you want me to – – suck you?”

“God.” It was very likely he might explode from the simple question. “Oh, God. Please.”

Clark slid backwards off the couch, knelt on the floor between Lex’s knees, fingers going for the fastenings of his pants. Lex let him fumble with it on his own, fascinated by the focus in Clark’s eyes, by the high color in his cheeks. When he popped the zipper, Lex sprang free, cock bobbing like it had a mind of its own, which he supposed at the moment might hold true. Clark stared, wide eyed, like he hadn’t seen it before, or had his hands on it, then he shifted his gaze up to Lex’s face and said softly. “Its beautiful.”

Which was hilarious. Really, and Lex leaned his head back against the arm of the couch and laughed silently, until Clark wrapped his big fingers around him, and pulled him in the general direction of Clark’s mouth. Then he just caught his breath and stared, hypnotized, as Clark opened his kiss reddened lips and swallowed the head of Lex’s cock.

“Oh, god – – fuck – – fuck,” his elbows gave out from under him, which was a shame because it hampered his vantage and he wanted to see. Clark sucked a little, then pulled back, and Lex managed to get an elbow under him and push himself up to see an almost surprised look cross Clark’s face, before his mouth curved in a grin and he went back down. Full force this time, swallowing almost to the hilt and sucking with vigor that was frankly mind shattering.

He pulled away again to get Lex’s pants the rest of the way off, which was criminal, since it left his cock unattended and cold and wet from Clark’s mouth. He complained about it, only partially coherent and Clark grinned, gave him a few encouraging tugs, while he pulled of Lex’s shoes one handed and tossed them haphazardly away.

“I didn’t think it would taste this good. Am I doing it right?” Clark said, while Lex was dying.

“Fine. Fucking great. Finish what you started.”

Clark’s grin widened and he went back down. Not a lot of technique, but then Lex wasn’t hard to please, when it came right down to it. Clark had almost had him when he’d made the damned phone call. The finer points could be imparted later, when he wasn’t about to explode into a million ragged shards.

He reached that point and spilled over the other side, and Clark started just a little, that first taste of come in his mouth. Lex wouldn’t have blamed him for pulling back – – he had, his first time – – ejaculate being an acquired taste, but after that first surprised hesitation, Clark’s hands tightened on his thighs and he swallowed, throat constricting around the head of Lex’s pulsing cock.

Lex collapsed back afterwards, body lax, mind lethargic in the afterglow. Clark’s mouth moved to his hip, warm, wet mouth nuzzling the hollow. His big hands bunched in the sheet and eased it and Lex down off the edge of the sofa to floor level. He started unbuttoning Lex’s shirt from the bottom up, following the trail up with his mouth, little suckling kisses that make Lex’s stomach flutter anew and his skin pimple.

A big, slightly rough thumb pad circled one of Lex’s nipples, before Clark bent his head, fastening his mouth to it. Lex hissed through his teeth, arching under him, thoughts that had just started to clear, scattering again.

He threaded his fingers in Clark’s hair, thick and luxurious and an excellent handhold for pulling his head up, and making him look Lex in the eye. “Take off your pants.”

Clark’s already dilated pupils widened even more. He pushed himself up to his knees and fumbled with his jeans, sprang free as he jerked his jeans and boxers down, erection no less impressive than the first time Lex had seen it in the light of day. Clark tumbled back on his ass in efforts to rid himself of jeans and sneakers. Then he was just naked and gorgeous, golden all over, except for the blushing pink of his cock, and the darker hues of his balls. The color matched his lips almost. Lex drew a breath and pushed Clark into his back with a palm to the center of his chest.

He shrugged out of his shirt, wanting skin on skin, and crawled up Clark’s body to get to his mouth. Lay full length atop him, Clark’s erection rock hard and degrees hotter it seemed than his skin, pressing into his stomach. His own cock was half hard again, and he shifted, lining them up. Clark moaned into his mouth, tongue thrusting desperately, hands all over Lex’s back, rocking up against him with primal rhythm.

The little helpless, needy sounds he was making were going straight to Lex’s cock. He eased his way down Clark’s jaw to the juncture of his neck, bit the jut of collarbone, then sucked at the spot. Dipped his tongue in the hollow of his throat, tasting the faint saltiness of sweat. Moved his way down a beautifully sculpted young chest to latch onto one erect brown nipple.

Clark’s nipples were fascinating. Tough little nubs of flesh that were large as quarters even contracted. He applied teeth and Clark moaned and thrust up against him.

“Lex – – Lex – – please – -”

He half smiled around his mouthful of nipple, remembering how Clark had made him beg that morning in his bedroom. Even if Clark had been under the influence at the time, he felt a sense of retribution at the note of pleading in his voice.

He leisurely worked his way down Clark’s torso, tongue and teeth and nails, none of which left marks in their wake, save for the shudder of muscle and the twitching of taut skin. By the time he reached Clark’s cock, it was flushed purple and leaking pre-com. He slid the foreskin down and licked the glistening head.

Clark made an incoherent sound, the whole of his body tensing. Lex flicked his tongue a few more times, before moving down to suck at the loose skin of Clark’s scrotum. Clark tossed his head, low, urgent growling issuing from his clenched teeth. Taut strung and on the edge. His. All that physical power, and all it took was a clever mouth and Clark was his.

He took Clark’s cock in his mouth, thick and throbbing and saltier tasting than the sweat on his body. Took him deep as he could go, the slick, hot head pressing the walls of his throat. Easier to make himself deep throat if there weren’t hands on his head threatening to take matters out of his control. Easier to relax and enjoy the sensation of a fat, long cock filling his mouth. He slid a hand up and rolled Clark’s balls, felt them shiver and draw up tight. He bobbed his head, Clark’s desperate moans making his own balls tighten, then Clark was crying out, calling his name, over and over, his hands knotted in the sheet, ripping it, hips thrusting up, and Lex grabbed hold of his hips hard, and sucked as hot liquid surged in his mouth, faster than he could swallow. It was messy and erotic and wonderful, and he sucked until Clark was shuddering and wasted, and soft in his mouth.

Pushed himself up, wiping a hand across his mouth, leaned with the other one on the floor next to Clark’s hip and started down with something that very likely might be affection at the half lidded, dazed expression on Clark’s face. He dropped down onto the floor next to Clark, half on sheet, half on carpet and not caring. Lay there, hot skin against hot skin, and leisurely stroked his own erect cock.

He thought he’d like to take Clark somewhere, someplace distant from Smallville and protective parents and scheming fathers and meteor mutants – – other than Clark – – and spend days at a time doing nothing but fuck. God, he’d like to spread him out and fuck him now, but some battered, ignored part of his brain screamed, ‘Sixteen. He’s sixteen.’ Hypocritical afterthought if ever there was one, considering they were lying naked and sweaty and he’d just finished thoroughly delivering a return bout of oral sex. But there was sex and then there was sex. And that very strong part of him that wanted badly to protect Clark insisted there were lines you crossed with impunity and there were lines you tread very lightly around and only ventured with absolute surety.

He’d already spent a year skulking on the safe side of that line, looking but not touching. Wanting and denying himself, because he hadn’t known how Clark would react. Because he’d convinced himself that Clark only had eyes for a girl. Morals were all fine and good when there wasn’t a perfectly sculpted naked boy pressed up against him.

He shifted to his side, rubbing his erection against Clark’s hip, pressing his mouth to his shoulder. Clark’s arm curled around him, drawing him closer. Rolled his head to stare at him with huge, emphatic green eyes.

“I want to do everything with you.”


“We will. I promise.”

Clark made an eager sound in his throat, rolled over, settling on top of Lex, wriggling until Lex spread his thighs to give him room, leaned there over him with elbows on either side of his head and dipped down to devour his mouth. Clark’s cock was soft and warm against Lex’s hard one. Lex gyrated under him, rubbing them together.

Clark was making those little noises in his mouth, while he was filling Lex’s mouth with his tongue, all his tentativeness long gone, fled in the face of an enthusiastic teenager impatient to explore the newfound world of sex. His cock was hard again faster than it had a right to be.

One big hand slid down Lex’s thigh, urged his knee up, and the angle of Clark’s thrusts changed, the hard tip of his cock poking Lex in the balls, slipping lower. It occurred to him that Clark was instinctively going in for the kill, and that he very much wasn’t prepared for it. Wasn’t sure he was prepared for Clark being on top the first time they fucked.

He broke the kiss, and gasped. “Wait. Clark, wait.”

It took Clark a moment, but he slowed, dragging his sex-hazed eyes up to Lex. Lex gave him a stern look. “Rule number one. No anal sex without lubrication. It hurts.”

Clark drew a breath. Blinked and said. “Oh. Oh. I wasn’t – – uh, was I?”

“Felt like it.” Lex softened the blow by pushing Clark over onto his side, lining them up and slowly jacking them off. “But it’s okay. There are plenty of other things we can do.”

Things which they spent the next hour or so exploring the nature of, until Clark finally had the presence of mind to note that the room was considerably darker than it had been when they’d come in. He sat up with a dismayed. “Oh, crap.”


“I told my mom I’d be home before dark.”

Which statement made that quiver of conscience that he’d forced down so thoroughly, sputter back to life. The fact that he was fooling around with someone who had to be back home before dark to appease their mother was wrong on so many levels.

“Do you have time to wash up before you go home?”

Clark was pulling on his jeans, and Lex could only thank God that no effort on his part, and he had put forth considerable effort, had marred Clark’s skin. The last thing Clark needed was to explain away the sudden appearance of hickies.

“Yeah. I’ll stop by the creek.”

“The creek?”

Clark pulled his t-shirt on and grinned. Luscious red mouth that had left marks on Lex.

Lex pulled on his pants and his shirt, but didn’t bother buttoning it and walked with Clark outside. It wasn’t as dark out as the shadows of the house made it seem. Clark had time.

“Tomorrow after school?” Clark asked.

Lex shook his head. “I can’t. I have a meeting in Metropolis. You need a phone.”

“I know!” Clark said exasperated. “Thursday?”

Lex let a slow lazy smile spread across his lips. “I’ll see if I can fit you in.”

Clark snorted, reached out, grabbed him by the back of the neck and kissed him soundly. Then he grinned and was gone, leaving Lex standing in the drive with nothing but his car as witness.