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Original Slash fiction by Ann Somerville

A plethra of original Slash books that you can buy perfect bound for reasonable prices


Without doubt the larger Truhan shrine. They have tons of Fanfics, Fanarts & Doujinshis all dedicated to the exclusive worshipping & mating of Gohan and Trunks (from Dragon Ball Z) as well as their Mirai alter ego.

This mailing list is the sister of the above website. There you'll find the fanfics and fanarts that will be archived later on "Boxer & Rice". And it's of course 100% GohanxTrunks too.

This is Dena's website. She wrote several Shinkidousenki Gundam Wing Yaoi and Shonen ai fanfictions. And I did several illustrations for her fics and various projects.


Anime Web Turnpike

The best place to find everything and anything related to your favorite anime. You can also seize this opportunity to vote or review my website.


One of the largest 1x2 2x1 Yaoi Shrine. A lot of great fics, fanarts, doujinshis and a lot of other goodies.


A Ronin Warrior's site with some very, very good fan fiction. Predominately a Yaoi site, but she has some mainstream fiction too. Also a fan art section. You can see some of my pieces there that I don't have up here.


God, I'm so jealous of her. Her work is fantastic. Check out all the incredible art.


YAY!! Her translations are fantastic and cover all the books. the best translations I've yet to find. They gave me a whole new insight on the manga.


Nuri's website...she's working on building a small archive of yaoi fan fiction, as well as a large archive of yaoi fan art. There is alot of my work up on her site, lots of Gundam Wing and Weiss art


Karlo no Miko's Bastard!! Hall

I love this page. Lots of information. Good picts. A very cool excerpt of translated Manga. She's got a whole collection of halls dedicated to the beautiful men of anime. Recommended.





The Crossroads

A lovely new Weiss site with some of the most incredible fiction on the net, episode summaries, doujinshi and fanart section and more. Much recommended.




The best place on the web to buy Yaoi manga and DJ. A tremendous archive of yaoi fan fiction. Highly recommended.



Si Long Tou -- Or Four Dragon Island

I found this wonderful site while crusing for manga images. It summerizes the wonderful illustrated story of Si Long Tou. Very beautiful. I recommend taking a look if you like shounen-ai tales and pretty boys.



Juxtapose : Adult Slash fiction

Some very good writing. Original fiction and art. Some of her stuff you have to pay to read.



Cheynne Dancer's Fanfiction

She has some of the most erotic Lord of the Rings fiction I've ever read. Check it out.



Firedancer's Fanfiction

My all time favorite Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction is here, plus a bunch of other tasty, well-written stories.



Soyokaze Fansubs

It's where I get all my fansubs. They're quick, cheap and reliable.



C.J. Cherryh's Worlds

I had to put C.J. here, since she's my favorite published author. This is her official site.



Paperthin Pleasures

A plethra of delightful bishonen images.




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